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Cruise Ship Sexual Assault & Rape

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Because of confidentiality clauses, the names of the victims, the shipping companies, and the settlements cannot be mentioned. However the fact patterns claimed by the victims represented by this firm can be revealed without the other information. Since none of these cases was tried, the facts being given are from the point of view of the victim who was either raped on a cruise or experienced some sort of sexual assault. Some victims report a statutory rape cruise ship claim. The shipping company in each instance where a case has been settled has denied these events occurred and have not admitted any liability by settling.

  1. 14 year old female passenger who was left with the teen group was raped on cruise by the teen counselor.
  2. Young teen age female passenger raped by teen counselor who threatened to kill her and her family if she said any thing. About 3 years later the girl told a school friend who then informed the mother of the victim.
  3. Romanian crew member on ship raped by boss in cabin who threatened her with loss of job if she talked.
  4. Two 20-something women passengers returned to ship very intoxicated. Crew members offered to escort them to their cabins. Instead they were taken to small room on ship and raped.
  5. 18 year old male crew member from Central America taken by male boss to go bowling. Got drunk and was taken by boss to motel and repeatedly raped.
  6. 20 something passenger drinking all night with passengers and a ship's entertainer. Taken to front of ship around 4 a.m. and gang raped on cruise ship by a passenger and some crew members. Passenger admitted to lying in his statement about what happened on instructions from security officer on ship.
  7. Woman passenger sleeping in her cabin opened door thinking it was her husband returning from the casino around 1 a.m. She was anally raped by three men. Door did not have peep hole or chain lock to provide some security when opening the cabin door. She believes that something such as a "ruffie" was put into her drink before she went to her cabin. Another passenger found her wondering hallway without any underwear or bottom apparel on.
  8. 16 year old female passenger lied about her age to get into the ship's disco. Her 12 year old sister told the ships security guard at the disco that she was underage, but security would not do anything about it. While in the disco the passenger was given alcoholic drinks by another passenger who later took her back to his cabin and had sex with her.
  9. Female passenger woke up in her cabin with rapist crew member on top of her.
  10. Ship's nurse raped by ship's officer who admitted to the rape while second nurse listened on an intercom. The second nurse who listened in on the conversation was terminated.
  11. Female passenger sexually assaulted by ship's doctor during vaginal exam on ship.
  12. Carnival Cruise employee arrested on sex charge
  13. While a female passenger was in ladies room on ship, she was sexually assaulted by a drunk passenger while another passenger took pictures. The members of the crew who were present and witnessed the events did nothing to help nor did they call for help.

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