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Cruise Ship Sexual Assault Sample Exhibits

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Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A. employs state of the art court room exhibits at trial including pictures, diagrams, charts and renderings.

In many maritime law cases, attorneys may need to convey large amounts of vital information to a jury in a manner that can be properly understood by their audience. A successful case requires the jury to see the same mental image that the lawyer does. It is critical for the jury to understand the information in the way the lawyer intends. If there is confusion, it can lead to an unfavorable outcome. One way a cruise accident lawyer can help convey facts and evidence to a jury is to employ the use of demonstrative aids. Demonstrative aids and courtroom exhibits help explain complex concepts and reinforce trial themes for a jury.

Why Our Cruise Ship Lawyers Use Visual Aids

Visual aids reinforce key points. Part of the thinking process is visual conception. Visual aids eliminate the need for the audience or jury to imagine the scene. Pictures and diagrams are concrete and leave no room for imagination, which makes them a valuable tool in the courtroom.

Court exhibits help to strengthen arguments, making certain points more ingrained in the minds of the jurors than presenting them verbally. These aids also help cruise accident lawyers explain complex ideas in a manageable way since maritime concepts are unfamiliar to most people who do not work in the industry. Most fact-finders have a limited ability to retain large volumes of complex information. Studies show that even people who are specially trained to expand their observation and retention levels can only do so slightly.

A photograph or diagram brings a situation to life. Visual aids provide perspective and depth, and give the jury a sense of environment. Understanding how these elements affect the case is key to delivering a fair verdict, which is why our attorneys use cutting-edge visual aids in the court room.

Visual aids also bring credibility to important ideas. The age-old maxim that a “picture is worth a 1,000 words” holds true in the courtroom. It allows a fact-finder to visualize a situation and draw conclusions based on the facts more accurately. For a cruise ship attorney trying to explain the layout of a cabin or attempting to prove that it was negligent to operate a large vessel in a confined area, visual aids are often the best method to convey the facts.

At Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A., our cruise ship lawyers use state-of-the-art courtroom exhibits at trial. Click on the images below to see actual exhibits our cruise rape lawyers have prepared for use during several cruise line sexual assault and rape trials. These sample exhibits are from a cruise ship personal injury case as well as a cruise ship sexual assault case. Our lawyers used these images in two separate cases to provide clarification for the jury and audience.

Personal Injury Case Court Exhibits

Exhibit Sample 1

Exhibit Sample 2

Exhibit Sample 3

Cruise Ship Sexual Assault Attorney Court Exhibits

Exhibit Sample 1

Exhibit Sample 2

Exhibit Sample 3

Exhibit Sample 4

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