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Automobile Accidents

We have extensive experience in litigating auto accident cases.

Automobile Accidents is a broad area of law that generally includes all accidents that occur on roadways, highways, parking lots. These accidents can range from often simple single vehicle accidents to complex claims involving multiple vehicles and esoteric traffic codes. The involved vehicles can range from small cars to large trucks or buses.

Our lawyers have vast experience in handling all types of motor vehicle accidents and are often called upon in complicated cases where the victims of these accidents are catastrophically injured due to the negligence of both commercial and non-commercial drivers. There are many lawyers who handle simple automobile accident cases, but many times, a case which may appear to be simple is really quite complicated. As such, no matter how simple a case may appear, it is always best advised to seek the counsel of a law firm well experienced in complex claims to identify issues and responsible parties that other lawyers may not recognize. For example, many automobile accidents involve negligent drivers who are uninsured and have little or no assets. In many of these cases, lawyers often do not accept representation of the accident victim because they believe that there is no money which can be recovered to compensate the victim. That is sometimes not the case; occasionally, these claims will also involve the manufacturers of the motor vehicles or motor vehicle parts, such as tires, which may have been negligently designed or manufactured and could have contributed to the cause of the accident.

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