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Unsafe Products

We have extensive experience in litigating product liability cases.

Unsafe Products deal with the area of the law referred to as product liability. The designer, manufacturer, distributor, seller, and installer of products that are defective can be liable under the theories of strict liability in tort, breach of implied warranty of fitness and for negligence. Many of these issues are unique to this area of the law.

These types of cases are very complicated and require a law firm well versed and experienced in understanding different technical issues as well as the people who actually design and manufacture products.

Our law firm often works with some of the worlds most qualified experts in the fields of safety and product design, manufacture, and installation on these types of cases. Members of this firm have handled cases with defective products such as scaffolding, motor vehicles, guns, elevators and marine products.

Also, these types of cases may involve multi-disciplinary legal issues. For example, if the product causes harm on navigable waters then both product liabilities law as well as admiralty and maritime law can apply.

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