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Argentinean Attacks Blamed For Cruise Ship Itinerary Cancellations

November 29, 2012

Each cruise ship injury lawyer at our firm knows that too many passengers and crewmembers aboard vessels have been injured either onboard or at port due to acts of violence or criminal activity. Because of recent attacks on a cruise line’s offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Aida Cara has decided to cancel two itineraries in the Falklands to protect those onboard from possible harm.

At a press conference on Monday, November 26, Mike Summers, MLA in charge of veteran affairs in the Falklands, addressed the issue, confirming that the Aida Cara cancelled her visit for the 3rd of December, following an attack on the cruise line’s offices in Buenos Aires by Quebracho Militia. Summers went on to say that Aida Cruises’ parent company, Carnival Cruise Lines, responded directly to the attack by cancelling Aida Cara’s port call in the Falklands.

Another one of Carnival’s companies, Holland America, has also suspended voyages to the Falklands, and according to MLA Summers, the vessel has likely been threatened by the militia.

“We are clearer about the reasons why the Veendam [cruise ship] is not coming in but all the indications are that they are probably being threatened,” he said.

Tony Mason, Managing Director of the Falkland Islands Tourist Board, is scheduled to meet with the Vice President responsible for Public Relations at Holland America this week, who said that she will give him a full briefing on her company’s stance on port calls in the Falklands.

MLA Summers added that he had written to the CEO of the Carnival Group in Miami expressing the Falkland Islands’ Government’s disappointment at the cancellation of visits by the Aida Cara and the halt of the MS Veendam visits.

Summers expressed his concern to Carnival, asking whether a response to bullying by retreating from a port is appropriate, but Carnival UK has assured that it will not give in to the attacks. Debbie Summers will be in the Sea Trade Conference in Marseille this week and will confer with Princess Cruise Lines, another Carnival Corp. line, on MLA Summers’ behalf to determine whether the line will be visiting the Falklands or cancelling as well.

According to news reports, police were not present when the Carnival Cruise Line offices in Buenos Aires were bombed, but MLA Summers said it was not sure why the attackers targeted the cruise line.

Carnival Corp. is likely trying to avoid any possible accidents or injuries from taking place, especially if the line has been threatened. Although the Argentine militia is nowhere near the Falklands, steps have to be taken to ensure the safety of all onboard the line’s vessels.


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