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Dominica Excited About New Cruise Ship Port Calls

November 29, 2012

The government in Dominica – not to mention eager travelers – was excited about two new cruise ships that called on Dominica’s ports on Wednesday as part of the 2012-2013 cruise season. MV Saga Sapphire of Saga Cruises dropped anchor at the Woodbridge Bay Port, the first of two calls that the ship will make to Dominica during the season. While more cruise ship visits means more revenue for the country, it can also mean more accidents, as our maritime attorneys know all too well.

Cruise ship accidents can take place both onboard vessels and at port. With more traffic to Dominica, the chances that a passenger or crewmember may become injured increases drastically. Since the cruise season has just begun in the island, cruise operators and crewmembers may have not worked out all the kinks in their routines and may experience moments of miscommunication, leading to accidents for passengers or other crewmembers. In the event that an accident does occur, victims may be entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering, which is what our maritime attorneys are here to help with. However, in the meantime, cruise-goers can enjoy more of Dominica, while at the same time minding their surroundings to remain as safe as possible during their port calls.

In addition to the MV Saga, MV Aida Luna, of Aida Cruises, also called on the Roseau Cruise Ship Berth for the first of nine calls that the vessel will make to Dominica during the cruise season.

These vessels are likely to attract several passengers to Dominica, undoubtedly boosting the country’s economy. While the MV Saga Sapphire is a relatively small vessel, only 658 feet long with a passenger capacity of 752, with 415 crew members, the ship’s visits to Dominica will likely inspire travelers to come back a second time around. The vessel called on Antigua before docking in Dominica and then set sail to St. Lucia.

MV Aida Luna is a much larger vessel, and therefore will attract even more tourists to Dominica. At 827 feet long with a passenger capacity of 2100, with 607 crew members, several thousand travelers will call on the island during the vessel’s multiple scheduled visits.

Cruise travel is a major component of Dominica’s tourism sector. According to statistics from the Discover Dominica Authority, a total of 297,626 cruise passengers (194 cruise ship calls) visited Dominica during the 2011-2012 cruise ship season. This season, around 159 cruise ships are expected to call on the island, brining in nearly 229,526 visitors. Although the figures are lower this year, itineraries are always subject to change.


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