Help for Auto Accident Victims



Help for the Auto Accident Victim

by Charles R. Lipcon
Attorney at Law
ISBN: 0932557007

Help For the Auto Accident Victim is specially designed to increase your awareness and help you to be better prepared in case of an auto accident.

Increase Your Chances Of A Fair Settlement

Learn how to Avoid:

  • unsatisfactory repair of a damaged vehicle
  • excessive medical costs
  • complicated insurance policies
  • busy, uncaring physicians and attorneys
  • inequitable settlements
  • lengthy, expensive court trials
  • extensive delays

You can help protect your legal rights and assist your lawyer by following the simple procedures outlined in this book.

Discover how to:

  • record the appropriate facts at the scene of an accident
  • fill out forms with the proper responses
  • survive doctors, lawyers, hospitals, and insurance companies
  • choose the best insurance coverage
  • select a lawyer
  • conduct yourself during a trial
  • ensure that you get paid

Leads you step by step through every procedure from accident to court trial.

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