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Areas of Practice
Admiralty & Maritime Law
Maritime Law FAQ's
Choosing a Maritime Lawyer
Unseaworthiness & Maintenance and Cure
Maritime Workers' Compensation Act
Maritime Law: A Look At Wrongful Death
Determining Admiralty Jurisdiction
When Do You Need A Maritime Attorney?
Assumption of Risk
Cruise Ship Accidents & Claims
After Your Cruise Ship Illness or Injury
Cruise Ships & Common Carrier Liability
Cruise Accident Attorney
Cruise Injury Attorney
Cruise Accident Lawyer
Cruise Injury Lawyer
Cruise Vessel Security & Safety Act
How We Can Help Cruise Ship Passengers
About the Cruise Industry
Carnival Triumph Lawsuits
Costa Concordia Lawsuits
Cruise Ship Rape & Sexual Assault
Sexual Assaults on Cruise Ships
Reduce the Risk of Sexual Assault
Cruise Ship Rape Attorney
Cruise Ship Rape Attorneys
Cruise Ship Rape Lawyer
Cruise Ship Rape Lawyers
Cruise Ship Rape Law Firm
The Law
The Real World
What To Do If You Are A Victim
Actual Cases Handled By This Firm
Sample Court Exhibits
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Cruise Rape Victims / TV Interviews
Letters from Lawmakers on Cruise Crime
Kimberly Dean Edwards
Royal Caribbean sexual assault statistics
Discrepancy in Cruise Ship Crime Reporting
Senator Rockefeller Press Release
Cruise Passenger Disappearances
Crew Member Death
Seaman's Claims
Offshore Accidents & Injuries
The Facts
Risks for Oil Rig Workers
Jones Act
What to expect when filing a Jones Act Claim
Punitive Damages Explained
Jones Act & Overworked Seamen Claims
Jones Act Claims: What To Expect
Statute of Limitations
Workers’ Compensation vs. Jones Act
Shore Excursions
Types of Shore Excursion Accidents
Boating Accidents
Boating Accident FAQs
Types of Boating Accident Injuries
Parasailing Accidents
Jet Ski Accidents
Limitation of Liability
Personal Injury & Wrongful Death
Catastrophic Injuries
Limb Loss & Amputations
Impaired Vision & Blindness
Traumatic Brain Injuries
Burn & Scald Injuries
Paralysis and Spinal Cord Injuries
Airplane Accidents
Automobile Accidents
Bicycle & Motorcycle Accidents
Unsafe Products
Commercial Torts
Class Actions
Civil Trials in State & Federal Court

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