2018 Cruise Trends + Advice for Staying Safe

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Cruising is the fastest-growing vacation option in the world. What began as a luxury for a select few, has grown to provide relatively affordable options for every budget. More people, especially families, are choosing to spend their vacation days at sea than ever before. As 2018 looms just on the horizon, many in the industry have begun to speculate about what could be in store for the next 12 months. Here is what you might see in 2018.

Less Need to Fly

It is no surprise that cruise guests would rather skip the airport. After all, going through security and abiding by the frequently changing luggage requirements can be a hassle. As a result, those in the industry say that passengers may see a decline in the need to fly to reach many cruises in 2018.

Activity-Based Ports of Call

While some may prefer days spent laying on the beach, it seems that cruise passengers in general are trending towards more action-packed cruises, such as glacier exploration in Alaska. To accommodate this, cruise companies are creating more exciting shore excursion options, so that the adventure-seekers can get their thrill, no matter where they are in the world. Although you should enjoy whatever excursion you desire, it may be worthwhile to do a bit of research to understand who is legally liable if you are injured while participating in an excursion organized by your cruise.

Younger Travelers

In the past, we have frequently heard reports of the older set enjoying their retirement at sea. However, cruise insiders explain that they are seeing a rise in passengers aged 21 to 45. In fact, Uniworld launched a cruise this year targeted especially towards the millennial crowd. This means we could see even more young adults taking to the open sea in 2018.

More Solo Travel

Additionally, the number of cruise passengers who are comfortable vacationing on their own has begun to rise. This year, solo travelers increased 20%, which gives a fair indication of a trend we may see continue next year. While solo travel can be fun, it does decrease your general safety, especially in terms of rape and sexual assault, since friends and family are not there to look out for you should something go wrong. If you are planning to travel on your own, let family or friends know when you will be away, and consider scheduling check in times to confirm that everything is alright.

Always Make Safety A Top Priority

Although it is exciting to consider what elements of cruising may evolve in 2018, the one issue that should always be at the forefront of your mind is your own safety. Simply put, the cruise line does not generally have your best interest at heart, so it is up to you to remain vigilant. With a combined 100 years of experience in maritime law, we have seen countless cases of accident or injury that could have been prevented if the cruise line had made passenger or crew member safety a greater priority.

The last thing we want is for your vacation to end with you carrying a heavy legal burden. But if this should occur, you can rest assured that we are here to help. Speaking with a maritime lawyer on our team can help you understand your legal situation and how best to address it.

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