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25 Injured on River Cruise in Germany


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Late on Tuesday, December 26, a river cruise in Germany collided with a motorway, resulting in a crash that injured 25 of the 129 passengers on the vessel. The ship, Swiss Crystal, struck a pillar of a bridge while sailing outside of Duisburg. According to reports, most of the sustained injuries were minor. However, four people did suffer injuries requiring a visit to the hospital. Nonetheless, by early Wednesday morning they had been treated and released.

Although the Swiss Crystal suffered damage, the passengers who escaped injury in the crash were able to continue on their river cruise that same evening, thanks to the arrival of a second ship that came to assist in the aftermath.

In the wake of this accident, we are glad to hear that none of the passengers suffered serious injuries, and we send our best wishes to those who sustained minor injuries, for a full and speedy recovery. However, what led to the crash in the first place is a question that needs answering. Assuming this was a typical route for the river cruise, there should not have been any reason for a crash. As a result, we cannot help but to wonder if the incident resulted from human error as usually this is usually one of three elements involved in most accidents. The other two being equipment error or weather conditions.

Cruise Lines Should Be Held Accountable

Unfortunately, it is far too easy for a captain or other cruise ship operator to make a small mistake that results in the injury of innocent passengers and crewmembers. While we do not know the specifics of this case, we are well aware of the potential for accidents and injuries to occur on the water, as it happens more often than anyone would like.

Far too often, individuals aboard cruises fall victim to accidents and injuries because of the negligent or dangerous behavior of their cruise line. No matter where you are or who is operating your cruise, this is unacceptable. After all, when you choose your cruise line, you put your faith in the company to keep you, your family, and your friends safe from beginning to end. A situation such as this is a breach of that trust and if it results in an injury, it is not something that should go unaddressed.

At Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A., we know that when it comes to a legal dispute, the cruise line is not going to be on your side. That is why we are here, to help you stand up for your rights, and assist you in getting a resolution to the matter.

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