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3 Essential Safety Items to Pack for Your Cruise


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cruise ship lawyersPlanning for a cruise can be quite exciting, especially when you are traveling to an exotic place you have never been to before. Cruise ship vacations are unlike any other travel. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. A cozy and comfortable place to sleep at night, check. Delicious food, check. Free entertainment, check.

However, as amazing as a cruise can be, things don’t always go according to plan. Tragedy can strike at any moment, but our cruise ship lawyers have a few tips that can help you in the event that the unexpected occurs. And, best of all, all you will need will be right at your disposal in your suitcase.

Before heading off to sail the open waters, be sure to pack a few essential items. No, we’re not talking about that new bikini or pair of sunglasses. We’re talking about a couple of essential household items that can help keep you safe and protected during your travels.

  1. First Aid Kit- Though many cruise ships have clinics that can treat minor injuries, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny to obtain medical assistance on board – even if it’s something as minimal as bandaging for a small wound or migraine medication. Plus, what happens if you have an offshore accident or injury? Finding a pharmacy in an unknown territory may become a bit of a struggle. Here’s the solution: pack your own first aid kit. Having a handy first aid kit nearby can make a world of a difference, especially for your wallet. Here are a few important items to include: eye drops, antacids, anti-nausea pills, cold remedy medication, Ace bandages, Band-Aids, alcohol swabs, and ibuprofen.

  1. Legal Documents- Providing legal documentation to show proof of your identify is required to board a cruise ship. Proof of citizenship, travel documents such as valid passports and visas, or an alien registration card, are all documents you want to be traveling with when getting aboard the cruise ship, as well as when you get off for excursions or visiting the designated port. Some cruise ships allow you to board with just an identification card and birth certificate, while others require a valid passport or visa. Either way, having all pieces of documentation will save you a considerable amount in the event you need to prove your identify or you miss the required time to be onboard the cruise before it departs. When traveling to destinations outside of the U.S., having these legal documents handy can protect you in the event sometimes happens or an accident occurs.
  1. Medication- Although you already packed your handy go-to first aid kit, having all prescription medications required for an existing condition should be brought along to ensure your trip is an enjoyable, and above all, a safe one. Make sure to bring these medications in their original bottles received from the pharmacy. The last thing you want is to be in a foreign country, have no access to your prescription medications, and need to seek medical attention during your vacation. Not all countries will have citizens who you can communicate with, and should you be exploring on your own and a medical emergency arises where you require specific medicine, you want to have it close by.

As you prepare for your cruise, remember to include these three essential safety items in your luggage to ensure your trip is hassle free, and most importantly, stress free. After all, is that not why you are going on a cruise?

Should an accident occur on or off your cruise, remember you can always contact one of our cruise ship lawyers in the event you need legal advice or representation.


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