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3 Tips to Prevent a Snorkeling Shore Excursion Accident


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snorkeling shore excursion accident

snorkeling shore excursion accidentSnorkeling is one of the more exciting shore excursion choices for cruisers. Not only can the activity be enjoyed by cruise passengers of all ages, little to no experience is necessary for basic snorkeling adventures. Plus, snorkeling shore excursions boast some of the most economical prices when compared to other cruise activities. No wonder snorkeling is so popular among cruise passengers.

However, just because snorkeling is easy and fun, it doesn’t mean that it’s always safe. As with any kind of tour or activity, cruisers are at risk of suffering a shore excursion accident when snorkeling. Still, there are a few ways to lower you and your travel mates’ chances of getting hurt. Below are three tips from our cruise ship accident lawyers to help you stay as safe as possible and avoid a snorkeling shore excursion accident.  

  1. Research shore excursion operators. Cruise lines don’t actually run shore excursions on their own. They usually partner with an outside company and promote these tours on board. Cruise passengers can either select from the choices the cruise line provides or they can look for an independent tour operator and arrange for their own transportation to the shore excursion location. Whether you choose a cruise line sponsored tour or an independent operator, it’s important to thoroughly research each company’s safety policies, experience, and accident record prior to booking. You can search for tour operators online at your convenience and even give different companies a call if you have any questions. Also, feel free to contact the cruise line ahead of time to request information on the shore excursion operator if you plan on reserving your tours pre-cruise or visit the shore excursion desk on your ship for help while on board. Once you have gathered a good bit of info, make your decision based on the company with the best safety record. This will reduce your chances of getting into a snorkeling shore excursion accident.
  2. Wear a life jacket. No matter how old you are or how shallow the water you’ll be swimming in, always wear a life jacket if you plan on snorkeling. Snorkeling SafetyDrowning accidents can occur at a moment’s notice, regardless of water depth, swimmer age, or experience. If you plan on snorkeling, always wear a flotation device. Most shore excursion operators offer life jackets for their tours, but some don’t. Be sure to contact the tour company prior to embarking on the excursion so you can bring your own flotation device if need be. Curious as to what device to purchase? Here’s a guide to choosing the best life jacket for your needs.
  3. Snorkel in a group. As the old saying goes, there is always safety in numbers. This is especially true when it comes to maintaining safety while participating in water activities, like snorkeling. Tragedy can strike in the blink of an eye, and if you are snorkeling alone, help may not be readily available. To increase your chances of survival in the event that something goes wrong during your snorkeling excursion, consider joining a tour that features an experienced guide or at the very least, gather up a bunch of your travel buddies and snorkel together. If snorkeling with friends and family only, try not to venture too far from the shore and opt to snorkel at a beach where lifeguards are present.

Shore excursion accidents happen more often than cruise passengers can imagine. Luckily, by following these three easy tips, you can lower your chances of becoming a snorkeling shore excursion accident victim.

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