30 Ships Received Perfect Scores from the VSP, But Health Isn’t The Only Concern Aboard Your Cruise

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Tick box evaluation form with excellent ticked in greenOur goal in our blogs is to raise public awareness of the hidden dangers of cruising.  Every week, we discuss the potential perils involved in setting out on a cruise ship. From falling overboard, to drowning to shore excursion accidents, it is clear to us that cruising is laden with hidden dangers that you and your family should be aware of before you set sail.  While we never intend to scare or intimidate, we do like to inform. The way we see it, it’s far better to over prepare than under prepare.

That said, since it is a new year, we wanted to start off with something a little more uplifting to carry you in to 2017. And, luckily, it’s not hard to find positive cruise ship news either. While there are a lot of things to be excited about in the cruise world, we’re glad to report that 30 cruise ships received perfect scores in the CDC’s 2016 Vessel Sanitation Program.

The Vessel Sanitation Program aims to keep you healthy while you’re on your vacation. Because, while a cruise may feel like another world, it is still subject to the same health and personal injury concerns you face while on land. Every year, ships are inspected to see how they rate, according to the CDC’s thorough sanitation requirements.

This year, Princess Cruise Lines had 4 perfect scores, Holland America Line had 5, Celebrity had 6, Carnival had 3, Royal Caribbean had 4, Norwegian Cruise Lines had 2, and Sea Dream Yacht Club, Oceana Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Silversea Cruises, and Disney Cruise Lines each had 1 vessel with a perfect score.

The website even offers an advanced search function, so you can see how your cruise line scored, if it didn’t get perfect marks.

While cleanliness and health isn’t the only issue you may face aboard your cruise, it’s helpful to know where your cruise ship ranks, before you depart. This way, you may be able to minimize your potential exposure to health violations that could leave you with a sour taste in your mouth, once your trip is over.

Sanitation Isn’t The Only Issue On Deck

This kind of report always leaves us wondering why there aren’t more comprehensive reports of crime and accident statistics aboard popular cruise ships? As a maritime law firm, we have seen countless cases of catastrophic injury and death aboard cruises that are commonly considered to be safe.

Unfortunately, due to the difficulty involved in getting cruise lines to be transparent with their practices, it can be a challenge to fully understand the dangers that exist on cruises. However, our team has years of experience with a wide variety of cruise ship accidents and injuries.

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