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56-Year-Old Medevaced from Cruise off of Cape Cod


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When most people talk about going on a cruise vacation, they paint a surreal and beautiful picture of their time away, blue skies, warm breezes, and exciting ports of call. There is no doubt that this is how most envision their time on the open seas. After all, the perks of cruise travel are no secret. However, it is important to note that things do not always go according to plan.

In fact, every year, a striking number of cruise passengers and crewmembers find themselves facing illnesses and injuries aboard their ships. Although cruise ships are equipped with medical personnel to address minor illness or injury, they are not equipped or trained at levels comparable to medical personnel shore side. Therefore, if you are unfortunate enough to need more than a mild painkiller, seasickness remedy, or a splint typically, this results in an alert to the U.S. Coast Guard, so that the necessary emergency personnel can take action, and transport you to a shore side hospital for your treatment. A recent story out of Cape Cod depicts just that.

Sea Rescues Require Intense Skill

On July 13th, 2017, a 56-year-old woman required medevac assistance, while her cruise ship sailed 150 miles off of the shore of Cape Cod. A video released by the Coast Guard reveals the precision and focus necessary to conduct a rescue at sea.

In the video, the Coast Guard lowers an emergency responder down to the deck of the ship, followed by a stretcher. The patient is strapped into the stretcher and then hoisted up to the waiting helicopter. This is no small task, considering the fact that the rescue took place from high above the cruise ship, as the ship continues to sail on its journey.

Fortunately, in this case, the procedure went off without difficulty and the woman made it safely to a nearby hospital for treatment. There is no further information on her condition at this time. However, we send our best wishes to her and her family for a speedy recovery.

No one wants to be medevacked from his or her cruise vacation. However, we are sad to say that it is more common an occurrence than not. In recent months, there have been countless cases of individuals needing emergency medical attention. While this is never something anyone wants to experience, if the situation presents itself, best to face it head on, taking the steps needed to get the best care for yourself you can.

LMAW Can Lift the Legal Burden from Your Shoulders

As maritime lawyers, we understand how difficult it can be to face the legal burden of your accident or injury alone. After all, getting healthy again requires focusing on your medical condition and treatment –not worrying about the legal process that may be looming on the horizon.

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