79-Year-Old Passenger Airlifted from MS Amsterdam off the Coast of British Columbia

Rescue helicopter
When you set out on a cruise, the last thing you want to experience is a health concern that threatens both your safety and your enjoyment of a few well-deserved days away from the daily grind. However, all too often, individuals find themselves in compromised health situations, far from the shore.

This is often stressful, as it means that you will need the attention of medical professionals who are not your primary care physicians, and therefore, have no understanding of your medical history. As a result, many passengers-to-be do their best to ensure that they are in good health before they depart.

However, even with the best of intentions, it is possible for a health issue to arise while you are on your cruise. A recent story out of Washington state reminds us of this.

Late last month, a 79-year-old male passenger aboard the MS Amsterdam was airlifted while his ship was off the coast of Tofino, British Columbia. According to reports, he was suffering from stroke-like symptoms, which necessitated medevac assistance so that the man could be brought to a nearby hospital for more comprehensive medical care.

The airlift, which was captured on video, depicts an intense few moments as the passenger is hoisted into the air and up to the safety of the medevac helicopter. Fortunately, the man was listed in stable condition during the entire process.

Passengers should understand that cruise ships, despite all the bells and whistles on the ship, have very limited medical capabilities.  As such, if there is any serious life threatening emergency, the passenger is likely taken off the ship to the nearest shoreside medical facility.  This is a good thing, and it is our opinion that in any critical emergency passengers should in fact demand to be taken off the ship to seek medical care ashore.

Injured At Sea? You Don’t Have To Handle It Alone.

In the wake of this incident, we are grateful to know the medical team aboard the cruise ship, as well as the emergency responders, were able to swiftly and safely evacuate the ailing passenger. These individuals often must navigate less than ideal conditions, as was the case with this particular incident, and do not get enough credit for their hard work. As maritime lawyers who often assist passengers in the wake of accident and injury aboard cruise ships, we send our thanks to them.

In this case, the passenger in need was brought to the hospital without delay. However, this operation does not always go off so smoothly. And even when it does, often times the passenger in need does not make it to the hospital with great enough speed, resulting in life-changing and sometimes catastrophic injuries.

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