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American Marine Accident And Investigators International Forum Concludes Fourth Meeting In Antigua


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The fourth meeting of the American Marine Accident and Investigators International Forum was held on November 5-7, 2012 at the Royal Antiguan Hotel in St. John’s Antigua. Hosted by the Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping (ADOMS), this was the first forum of its kind to be held in Antigua & Barbuda.

The forum’s objective was to promote and improve regulations involving the investigation of marine accidents, in addition to improving cooperation and communication between marine accident investigators. The forum also sought to promote and improve upon maritime safety protocols and help prevent marine pollution by having officials exchange information and ideas acquired during maritime investigations.

The Marine Accident Investigators’ International Forum (MAIIF) is an international non-profit organization committed to the advancement of maritime safety and the prevention of marine pollution. The organization believes that through the exchange of information acquired during marine investigations, maritime safety can improve tremendously. The group aims to foster and maintain cooperative relationships between national marine investigators in order to prevent accidents at sea as well as reduce marine pollution. Membership into the organization is open to any marine accident investigator.

A total of 15 delegates representing nine countries participated in the forum and were able to discuss varying maritime safety improvement options. The countries that participated included the United States, Canada, Argentina, Panama, Peru, United Kingdom, St Kitts & Nevis, the Marshall Islands and Antigua & Barbuda.

Dwight Gardiner, Director and Registrar General at the Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping, welcomed the attendees. Gardiner said ADOMS has always welcomed discussions regarding maritime safety and improvement strategies and indicated that Antigua & Barbuda are committed to cooperation with officials to offer assistance regarding any maritime matter. He also emphasized the importance of communication and the exchange of information to assist with maritime incidents in order to improve laws and prevent accidents from taking place in the future.

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