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Anthem of the Seas Sails into Hurricane Hermine


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Hurricane evacuation route signWhen going on a cruise vacation, there are many aspects that you are able to control. Your travel partners, the cruise line, the destination and your many excursions are all choices that you can make. However, one factor that is completely out of your hands is the weather.

Most people take cruises in order to enjoy the cloudless skies and comfortable temperatures in whatever destination they’ve chosen. Rain and other precipitation do not make for exceptionally fun cruise experiences. After all, much of the fun comes from being able to enjoy the pool and deck on your cruise, and to see the beautiful scenery slipping by as you sail from port to port.

So if rain is a downer, you can imagine that a hurricane is even more of a problem. Unfortunately, vacationers aboard the Anthem of the Seas know all too well what a challenge sailing through a hurricane can be.

Many parts of the East Coast had been warned of Hurricane Hermine heading that way over Labor Day weekend. However, the storm altered its course and the expected rainclouds were never seen. Those aboard the Anthem of the Seas, however, were not so lucky.

A Storm at Sea

On September 4th, 2016, the Royal Caribbean ship sailed into treacherous conditions. Despite efforts to avoid the rough weather, the storm’s unexpected detour wound up placing the ship directly in its path. The Bermuda-bound ship endured 90 mph winds and huge swells as it made its way to sunnier skies and sandy beaches.

According to reports, the force of the waves sent dishes flying and induced seasickness in countless passengers. Luckily, no one was seriously injured and the ship arrived as scheduled, in Bermuda, on Tuesday.

However, we find it interesting to note that this is the same ship that sailed into hurricane-force winds off the coast of North Carolina in February of this year. The terrifying experience resulted in hundreds of passengers joining a class action lawsuit.

So we are left wondering: Does this particular ship have a penchant for natural disasters? And could Royal Caribbean be more proactive in order to avoid these kinds of weather encounters in the future?

“In October 2015, the world experienced the loss of the El Faro, an entire ship and its 33 crew during Hurricane Joaquin.  It is clear that ship should have never left the Port of Jacksonville in light of the weather reports and storm warnings.  Similarly, cruise lines like Royal Caribbean need to be more reactive to severe weather situations and be prepared to put people before profits; or the next maritime disaster could easily be a loss of thousands of lives,” says maritime lawyer, Jason Margulies who is involved with the litigation surrounding the El Faro loss as well as the February Royal Caribbean sailing.

Although it was reported that no one was injured in this most recent event, it would be less than pleasant to have seasickness due to the rough waters and inhospitable weather conditions your ship has sailed into. However, it seems that, this time, Royal Caribbean did its best to avoid the hurricane.  But, because weather can be so spontaneous and difficult to predict, they could not have guessed that their precautionary re-routing would send them to the exact place they were trying to avoid.

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