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Australian Authorities Refuse To Back Down From Cruise Ship Terminal Project


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Australian authorities and Gold Coast residents are at odds over the building of a Cruise Ship terminal there.

According to the Queensland premier, people of “comfortable means” are trying to stop a cruise ship terminal from being built, which he claims is to their own disadvantage. The premier argues that the new terminal will provide much needed jobs on the Gold Coast, but protestors have been rallying against the project, claiming that the terminal will have a negative impact on the environment.

Despite the protests, premier Campbell Newman has reaffirmed his support for the project, which was proposed for the Southport Broadwater Parklands. According to Newman, it is “a great pity, a great irony … at a time when the Gold Coast needs investment and needs the creation of jobs, that some people are protesting the plans,” which he contends will provide an important economic boost for the region.

The Newman government, in association with the Gold Coast City Council, made plans to develop a cruise ship terminal on the Broadwater. The project is also expected to include a casino and other entertainment options, but has been adamantly opposed by some Gold Coast residents, even causing divisions within Newman’s party. The LNP’s (Liberal National Party) Member for Gaven, Alex Douglas, voiced his opinion regarding the Broadwater plan, saying the site is unsuitable for such a development because of ecological reasons. Douglas says that he and most LNP members are opposed to the cruise ship terminal plan and say it is flawed.

According to the state opposition’s environment spokeswoman, Jackie Trad, the premier will most likely use the LNP’s majority to force through a cruise ship terminal and casino hotel in the area.

“This issue is yet another example of the LNP keeping their plans secret prior to election and then using their massive majority to ram through sweeping changes without genuine community consultation,” said Trad.

Trad added that locals have expressed genuine concerns regarding the environmental – and social – impact of the project and have called for other LNPs on the Gold Coast to offer assistance in stopping the development plans. Yet, residents feel as though their concerns are not being taken into consideration. Only time will tell what becomes of the cruise ship terminal plans.


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