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Authorities Call Off Search for Missing Passenger After Recovering Body


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The body of a British woman who fell overboard from a cruise ship in the Atlantic was called off Sunday when rescuers recovered a body. The passenger had been reported missing by P&O Cruises after falling overboard from the Aurora as it sailed from the Spanish city of La Coruña to Barcelona on Friday. Cruise ships reportedly have a policy in place that prevents them from releasing names of both passengers and crewmembers who are involved in catastrophic injuries while at sea, but the vessel’s authorities expect the victim’s identity to be released next week.

After receiving word that the passenger had gone missing, the ship’s crew ordered a search and another cruise ship which was in the area on its own itinerary to Cadiz, the Thomson Spirit, offered to assist in the rescue mission. The woman’s family is being assisted by both legal authorities and P&O Cruises’ care team.

According to authorities, the Aurora had embarked on a 14-night western Mediterranean cruise from Southampton Wednesday. P&O Cruises has reported that all passengers who were onboard were British. A passenger, Pat Rogers, who had been on the cruise with her husband Joseph, told authorities that she believed the victim to have been an elderly woman in her 70s who was traveling with her daughter.

Rodgers noted that the waters had been “very choppy” and passengers were “sad and subdued.”

“The captain made an announcement over the loudspeaker at 8:10 a.m. this morning and asked everyone to help keep a lookout. We heard that the woman is 72 and was on holiday with her daughter but we don’t know how she fell in,” she added.

Authorities have not yet given possible reasons as to why the woman might have gone overboard aside from the rough waters. Cruise authorities have an obligation to provide a safe environment for all who are onboard – including crewmembers. When someone falls overboard, the vessel’s authorities are required to execute a rescue mission as quickly as possible, but this isn’t always the case. There are times in which cruise lines unjustifiably delay their search, which could lead to more extensive injuries if the passenger was hurt, or can result in death which would be otherwise avoidable.

While a cruise line is not responsible for ensuring the health and well-being of those onboard, they must act with reasonable care under the circumstances for their passengers’ safety. Cruise lines failing to exercise reasonable care for their passengers’ safety may be found liable for any injuries or fatalities that result from their negligence. Our cruise injury lawyers have enjoyed great success in litigating on behalf of cruise accident victims and will help you and your loved ones obtain justice for your pain and suffering.

Whether a cruise ship accident occur in foreign or domestic waters or on the high seas, victims have a right to be reasonably protected from harm while onboard a vessel. If you or anyone you know has had these rights violated, our maritime lawyers will fight to protect them. Having won several verdicts in landmark cruise accident cases, our firm has helped to create laws that preserve the rights of cruise accident victims and we will work hard to secure you the damages you deserve. Call us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your options in filing a claim.

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