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Bodies Of Three Indonesian Crewmembers Killed In Cruise Ship Lifeboat Accident To Be Returned Home


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The cruise industry was rocked once more last Sunday, when five crewmembers were killed and three others injured following a cruise ship lifeboat accident. While the details of the tragic incident are still being investigated, the identities of some of the workers have already been confirmed, including three of the deceased workers, who were Indonesian natives.

The victims, identified as Kamaluddin, 56, Mappaita Ngandro, 60, and Hassan 35, were just three of five crewmembers who died during a cruise ship safety drill, when a lifeboat they were in fell from the Thomson Cruise Line vessel, Thomson Majesty, that was docked at the pier of Santa Cruz in La Palma, Canary Islands. According to an official, the bodies of deceased crewmembers will be returned to Indonesia immediately.

The two other deceased workers were from Ghana and the Philippines, but their identities have yet to be revealed.

While there are many times in which crewmembers who are hurt or killed while in the service of their vessel never receive the compensation they and their surviving loved ones are entitled to, it appears as though Thomson Cruises is cooperating with the surviving victims and the loved ones of the deceased to help them obtain their rightful benefits.

“The Indonesian embassy in Madrid managed to contact the cruise ship owner in Greece and the crews’ recruitment agency in Indonesia,” said P.L.E. Priatna, the Foreign Ministry’s director for information and media, on Tuesday. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also instructed the embassy to provide the necessary assistance to ensure the victims receive the rights they are entitled to.”

Priatna added that the agency that recruited the crewmembers had informed the victims’ families about the cruise ship accident and charged that the agency had been very cooperative in providing the required assistance to repatriate the victims’ bodies to their home country.

According to Priatna, the Indonesian embassy in Madrid is still seeking more information regarding the nature of the accident and when the case will be brought to court. As of Tuesday, the embassy did not have more information regarding how long it will take to determine the cause of the lifeboat accident.

This cruise ship accident comes just a little over a year since the cruise industry was criticized for the Costa Concordia disaster, which due to the negligence of the captain in altering the vessel’s planned route, led to the deaths of 32 individuals.

As the cruise industry works to improve its reputation, it seems as though the 2013 cruise season isn’t off to a much better start. Cruise companies are responsible for ensuring the safety of their crewmembers, and when that safety is compromised, victims can seek legal assistance to file a claim and protect their rights.

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