Boy Performs Daredevil Stunt In Cruise Pool, Heightening the Need for Lifeguards

A cruise vacation is one kind of vacation that can be enjoyable for the entire family. Whether you are a young couple, a growing family, or in your golden years, you are sure to find a cruise option that is suited to your desires and needs. In fact, there are some cruises that are tailored to giving the whole family a fun and relaxing break from daily life.

On these kinds of family-friendly cruises, you can expect to see a wide range of onboard activities and offshore excursions, intended to entice everyone in your group. Most of the time, it seems that the activities of one age range do not impede on the activities of another. And when the proper security regulations are followed, everyone should have a safe and enjoyable cruise experience. However, this is not always the case. A recent story from Princess Cruise Line reveals what can happen when passengers disregard cruise safety guidelines.

This week, a video involving a daredevil stunt on a cruise ship has gotten widespread attention on the internet. The video was filmed by two teenage boys aboard a Princess cruise ship. In the video, viewers can see the boys prepare and then carry out a stunt in which one jumps from a deck overlooking a pool, into the pool below.

The boys disregard a sign that is clearly marked, asking guests not to perform the act that they are about to do. What’s more, the stunt is carried out while there are other guests in the pool. It is a wonder that neither the boy who jumped, nor the other guests in the pool, were harmed during this reckless activity. And while we are grateful that no one was injured, we are left with some serious concerns.

Cruise Lifeguards Could Save Lives

In the wake of this incident, we cannot help but to think how things could have gone terribly wrong. Not only did the boys in the video endanger their own lives, but they endangered the lives of the other guests in the pool as well. As a result, we are left to contemplate how a lifeguard on duty could have prevented this from happening in the first place.

The discussion around cruise pool safety has long been one of contention. However, this year, numerous big name cruises announced that they would be adding lifeguards to their pools. Carnival Cruise line, the parent company of Princess Cruise Lines, is the last major cruise company without lifeguards. Perhaps this situation may cause them to reconsider their position.

Unfortunately, countless individuals–usually children–have suffered serious drowning accidents due to the fact that their cruise pool did not have a lifeguard on duty.

Cruise lines are also aware that the pool area and the surrounding pool deck are hazardous areas where slip and falls are a common occurrence.  The combination of passengers tracking water from the pool, general distractions and lack of crowd control around the pool area have led to a high occurrence of passenger injuries.  Having lifeguards on duty could prevent future accidents.

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