British Cruise Passenger Medevaced from P&O Britannia, Wife Left Behind Not Knowing His Condition

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This week, a 72-year-old vacationer from England fell seriously ill while aboard the P&O Britannia headed to the Canary Islands. According to reports, Peter Jarvis was traveling with his wife, Vivian, when he began suffering from breathing difficulties and seizures while asleep in their cabin. At the time the call went out to the Spanish Coast Guard for help, the ship was sailing 130 miles of the coast of Spain. A helicopter team arrived to airlift Mr. Jarvis from the ship and transport him to a hospital in A Coruna, on the northwestern coast of Spain. However, due to fuel consumption/weight ratio issues, the helicopter had to leave Mrs. Jarvis on the ship.

Fortunately, their son, Jason, was able to fly to A Coruna immediately. However, for the two days, Mrs. Jarvis had to wait for her vessel to make it to Port in Madeira she had no news of her husband’s medical state. The trip from Madeira to A Coruna took another two days. Therefore, in total it took her four days to be able to reunite with her husband in the hospital.

At this time, the family continues to hope for a positive turn of events. Jason Jarvis explained the dire circumstances, “My father is up and down. He is out of a coma now but he cannot speak to us and does not know where he is. We are praying for him every second.” The believe now is that Mr. Jarvis may have suffered an acute allergic reaction that caused his airway to close.

We send our deepest condolences to the Jarvis family and hope that Mr. Jarvis will ultimately make a full recovery.

Accidents At Sea Can Happen At a Moment’s Notice

Accidents like these remind us just how quickly an idyllic vacation can take a turn in the wrong direction. While the family has expressed their gratitude for the medical team that transported and kept Mr. Jarvis alive, it was certainly not ideal that the helicopter was not able to take Mrs. Jarvis at the time of the emergency airlift. No one should have to be in a foreign hospital, away from family and friends, on their own. Nor should anyone have to wait two days for an update on his or her significant other after having last seen him or her in a serious medical state.

While we are glad that the family was eventually reunited, we cannot help but to wonder if there was a better way to handle the transport. We also wonder what could have caused the acute allergic reaction that started this ordeal. Given that we do not have any further information, we can only speculate.

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