Carnival Cruise Passengers Robbed at Gunpoint in Belize

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Cruise ships in profileOne of the best aspects of taking a cruise is getting to see far-flung ports across the world. From Australia to the Caribbean and everywhere in between, it seems that there is no end to choice when you decide to book your vacation.

While the on board activities do make the time go by while you’re on the open seas, the main attraction is always the shore excursions, where you get a chance to stretch your legs on solid ground, immerse yourself in the culture and get lost in the magic of your new surroundings.

As an informed cruise passenger, however, it’s important to remember that being on vacation does not mean escaping reality. And, unfortunately, unpleasant situations may happen while you are far from home.

A recent story out of Belize reminds us of the importance of being vigilant, no matter where you are in the world.

Passengers Robbed at Gunpoint

On September 13th, a passenger aboard the Carnival Magic was assaulted at gunpoint while on shore at the Port of Belize.

According to the passenger, who, at the time of this post, is yet to be named, a man on a bicycle approached him while he and a friend were looking at handmade work from a local vendor.

The robber pointed a gun at the two cruise passengers, demanding their wallets and cell phones. According to one of the men, as the robber departed, he warned them to not “make this a big deal.”

Although the two men reported the robbery immediately to police, the assailant could not be found.

Can Future Robberies Be Prevented?

Experiencing a robbery at gunpoint has the potential to be a very traumatizing experience, especially when you are on vacation and expecting to have a fun and carefree time.

In the wake of the event, the Minister of Tourism of Belize explained that violent crime has been on the decline in recent years. Thus, it is our hope that this incident was out of character.

That said, if this does become a recurring problem, we are hopeful the cruise line will take measures to make it clear to the Local Authorities that if they want to continue to receive the tourist they have to make passenger safety a reality. Choosing a different port is one option that Carnival could use in order to prevent a similar robbery from happening in the future. With so many people placing their trust in the wisdom of the cruise line, which has more in-depth knowledge of the ports of call than the passengers might themselves, it is in their best interest in the long-run, to do everything they can to ensure passenger safety on their planned routes.

Our team of maritime lawyers understands how devastating a robbery can be. We have experience with a wide range of maritime issues and would be happy to help you understand your options. So if you have encountered robbery, injury, or any other life-altering experiencing while on a cruise, we are here to help. If you contact us, we can set up an initial consultation and help you make the next best step.