Carnival Horizon Delayed Due to Pollution Concern

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The Carnival Horizon’s scheduled delivery date has been delayed after fragments of paint were reported to have chipped off of the ship, falling from the hull into the basin. According to Italian media, The Horizon had just been transported from Marghera to Monfalcone, Italy when this problem was spotted. Although it may not sound like a major issue, the concern is that this could lead to pollution problems down the road, as water is pumped out of the basin and into the ocean.

As a result, work on the hull of the ship has been stopped and absorbing panels are scheduled to be placed in the sea, in the area where the paint fragments may have been deposited. Additionally, the company at work on the ship will take a renewed look at the hull, to ensure this problem is addressed and a permanent solution is in place, before the completion of the ship’s construction.

Cruise Pollution Is No Joke

Cruise pollution and safety is no light matter.  Numerous studies have shown the extensive negative impact that cruise ships have on both humans and the environment.  The cruise industry is frequently cited as one in which pollution (and rampant dishonesty in pollution reporting) is extreme.  For example in 2016 Princess Cruise Line was caught illegally dumping oil and using a device to circumvent water-cleaning  mechanisms and digital monitoring of oil levels.  The company pled guilty to seven felony charges and was ordered to pay a $40 million fine.

In the wake of this report, we are glad to hear that the ship manufacturer is remaining accountable and taking extra efforts to ensure that the vessel is entirely up to code before sending it out on its maiden voyage. It is always encouraging to see a situation in which the potential for pollution is addressed in a proactive, instead of reactive manner.

Ultimately, when you set out on a cruise vacation, you deserve to have the confidence that your method of vacationing is not posing a hazard to yourself or to the natural world. After all, your safety and health should be the cruise line’s first priority. However, and regretfully, any maritime lawyer on our team will readily tell you that this is not always the case.

Far too often, we see innocent passengers and crewmembers become the victims of accident or injury due to cruise line negligence–much of which could have been avoided. If you have suffered at sea and believe that your cruise line is to blame, you should rest assured that we are here to help.

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