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Carnival Investigates Security Personnel Involvement in Fights Aboard Carnival Legend


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This week, the cruise world was ablaze with reports of the large, rowdy family reported to have caused three days of fighting aboard the Carnival Legend. She ship, which was making a 10-day voyage through the South Pacific, had to make a special stop to remove the 23 individuals reported to be causing terror for fellow passengers at sea.

However, it appears that the security personnel on board may not have been as innocent as originally thought. According to reports, the individuals hired to maintain order and safety on the ship may have contributed to an unnecessary escalation in violence. Video footage taken by other passengers shows security personnel using heavy-handed tactics, beating a person on the ground and trying to prevent other passengers from filming the situation by taking their cellphones.

Additionally, passengers expressed concern over the captain’s response to the violence, saying he seemed nonchalant and asked, “‘What do you want me to do about it — throw them overboard?’”

Carnival has released a statement saying that it will look into “all aspects” of the events that took place aboard the Carnival Legend. This, we hope, will include the behavior of crewmembers that may have caused passengers additional harm or distress. Additionally, although the cruise line has offered a 25% discount to passengers on a future cruise, many feel unsafe sailing with Carnival again. After all, when a vacation that should have been relaxing and carefree becomes a violent “bloodbath,” as many have described it, there is little motivation to repeat the experience.

Were Security Personnel Properly Trained?

In the wake of this event, we have serious concerns over the hiring and training practices of the security personnel aboard this Carnival cruise. Regardless of what the passengers may have been doing, one would expect the security personnel to exercise sound judgment when attempting to control and mitigate the fight.

Also of concern is the motivation behind the security personnel taking the cell phones of passengers filming them. Was it because those films would be evidence of the security officers improper actions or was it to protect Carnival’s image ?

We hope that Carnival will indeed undertake a full review of this incident and determine how best to move forward, in order to prevent a recurrence of it and to be better able to safeguard their passengers.

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