Carnival Ships Stuck At Sea Due to Hurricane Harvey

For many people, planning a cruise vacation is one of the most enjoyable aspects of preparing for their trip. With so much to see and do, both on land and at sea, it makes sense that you would want to make sure you are maximizing your time and getting the most bang for your buck.

However, there are some times when even the best made plans must be put to the side. On occasion, situations transpire that neither you nor your cruise line could have prevented. The most common of these is a weather-related emergency. Although the weather reporters do their best to provide the most accurate information, storms can be unpredictable. Add to this the fact that you likely booked your trip long before any accurate weather information would have been available, and you may just find yourself at the mercy of a serious storm. A recent story out of Texas reminds us of this ever-present possibility.

Hurricane Prevents Ships from Returning to Texas

This week, thousands of passengers and crewmembers found themselves stuck at sea due to the arrival of Hurricane Harvey. Carnival Cruises operates numerous trips from their Galveston, Texas port on a regular basis. But with the high winds and heavy rains brought on by the hurricane, which has now become a tropical storm, it became clear that for the Carnival Breeze, Carnival Freedom, and Carnival Valor, returning to Galveston was simply not an option.

Each ship took a different course of action to avoid the storm. While the Carnival Breeze remained in Cozumel, Mexico for an extra day. The Carnival Freedom and Carnival Valor remained at sea, stopping in New Orleans only to refuel and bring on fresh water and food. Although passengers were allowed to disembark at New Orleans, the company warned against taking such action.

Carnival explained, “Given the severity and projected path of the storm along with potential challenges guests may encounter attempting to travel back to Galveston independently, we are strongly encouraging them to remain on board as we intend to return the ships to Galveston as soon as feasible.”

LMAW Can Help After Your Cruise Ship Injury

We are glad to know that, in this case, Carnival is making the effort to make the safety and well being of its passengers a top priority. In the past, there have been dangerous scenarios like the Anthem of the Seas disaster, where cruises sailed directly into a storm. Especially due to the destruction that Hurricane Harvey has caused on land, it seems that staying safely at sea is the best choice for now. After all, accident and injury can occur whether you are on land or at sea. So no matter where you are, your physical safety should always come first.

As a maritime law firm with 100 years of combined experience in this industry, we understand the challenges that many individuals face when they are left with a legal burden against a cruise. Speaking with a maritime lawyer on our team can help set your mind at ease and allow you to move forward with confidence. So when you are ready to take the next step and put this challenging past behind you, we are here to help.