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Nantucket Cruis Medevac Discussion

Last Saturday, at roughly 5:00PM EST on September 22, 2018, crew members aboard Norwegian Escape — a large cruise ship …

Cruise Ship Passenger Suffers Cardiac Problems

Last week, a 35-year old passenger experienced cardiac problems aboard a Silversea Cruises ship near Kotzeblue, Alaska, and was medevaced to shore.

Fire Suppression System Causes Flood

Seeing the hallway aboard your cruise fill with water is not something anyone ever wants to witness. However, that is exactly what happened late last week, when a faulty fire suppression system caused one of the decks aboard the Carnival Dream to fill with water. The company quickly worked to resolve the matter, and all passengers and crew members are safe.

Royal Caribbean Overboard Incident

Late last week, a 24-year-old man aboard the Anthem of the Seas took his own life when he jumped overboard. This is the second intentional overboard accident this month, raising concerns over the safety of cruise ships and the potential need for mental health counseling at sea.

Woman Transported From Carnival Pride Due to Cardiac Event

There is no arguing with the fact that the last thing anyone wants when they set out on their cruise is to require emergency transport to a hospital on land. However, these types of events are becoming more and more common, leading us to wonder how cruises could improve their safety and medical facilities to better address guests’ needs?

Fight Aboard P&O Pacific Explorer Requires Cruise to Return Early

When you set out on a cruise, the last thing you want is to have your journey end early because of the behavior of other passengers. However, this is exactly what happened on the P&O Pacific Explorer when a group of passengers got into a fight while waiting to use the bathrooms. Some believe over-consumption of alcohol may be to blame.

Incident Aboard Norwegian Pearl Raises Concerns About Cruise Doctor Competency

When Danielle and Brant Aymond embarked on their honeymoon to Honduras aboard the Norwegian Pearl, they had high hopes for what the journey would bring. Unfortunately, the trip became a painful nightmare, when Brant sliced open his foot on the coral reef and the cruise doctor sutured his foot–leaving pieces of the reef inside. Brant required emergency surgery to save his foot after the wound became infected. Now the couple is speaking out about the issue of insufficient standards for cruise medical professionals.

Woman Falls Overboard the Carnival Triumph in the Gulf of Mexico

This week has been one of repeated tragedy for Carnival Cruise Lines. After a woman aboard the Carnival Elation fell two floors to her death, we have now learned that another woman, 44-year-old Juwanna Brooks, has fallen overboard the Carnival Triumph. The woman was sailing with her husband on a five-day trip to Cozumel, Mexico. She has not yet been found.

Woman Falls To Her Death From Balcony Aboard Carnival Elation

Unfortunately, death at sea is not as uncommon as you might hope. Although not the most common incident to take place aboard a cruise, the cases of cruise passengers falling to their death are growing in number. Late last week, a woman aboard the Carnival Elation fell two floors, from her 14th floor balcony to her death on the 11th floor deck below. Investigators were immediately called onto the scene, but the cause of her fall is still unknown.

Woman Transported From Norwegian Jewel in New Zealand Due To Serious Illness

No one ever expects to require serious medical attention while enjoying their cruise. However, when this happens, you want to know that the medical professionals on board will be competent enough to handle your concerns. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. This week, a woman aboard the Norwegian Jewel was transported to shore due to a serious illness that required immediate attention.

Norwegian Breakaway Sails Into Storm Grayson, Places Passengers At Risk

When a storm is projected to interfere with a cruise line’s itinerary, most people would assume that the cruise line would re-route the ship in order to keep passengers and crewmembers out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, this was not the case with the Norwegian Breakaway, which spent two days sailing directly through winter storm Grayson. Conditions aboard the ship were dire, with many wondering if they would make it to dry land.

25 Injured on River Cruise in Germany

When you set out on a cruise, you expect that your cruise line will keep you safe, from beginning to end. Unfortunately, there are far too many times when human error leads to accident or injury on the water. Just this week, 25 individuals were injured on a river cruise in Germany, when the vessel collided with the pillar of a bridge.

Pre-Cruise Need to Know

Setting out on a cruise should be an exciting and stress-free time! And in can be, when you keep a few safety tips in the back of your mind. Our maritime lawyers offer a few reminders, before you set sail.

Tips for Safe Cruising This Winter

Before you set out on your cruise this winter, you’ll want to make sure you fully understand what you are getting yourself into. Make sure to read the fine print of your ticket and do your research on cruise medical staff before you depart. And if you should suffer accident or injury at sea, LMAW, P.A. is here to help.