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Thinking of Retiring At Sea? Think Again

In recent years, retiring at sea has become an increasingly popular option. Although it may sound like an idyllic way to enjoy the rest of your days, it’s important not to get carried away by the fantasy. We’re here to explain what you need to consider, before abandoning life on land for good.

Cruises Respond to Humanitarian Crisis In Puerto Rico

As maritime lawyers, we know first-hand that cruise companies do not always have the best interest of their passengers and crewmembers at heart. However, in the wake of Hurricane Maria, three of the largest cruise companies are stepping up to lend a hand. Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian have all committed to assisting with rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Cruise Lines Pitch In To Rebuild Caribbean After Hurricanes

The destruction caused by Hurricane Irma and Maria has left many communities across the Caribbean and southern United States struggling to rebuild. In the wake of these natural disasters, the cruise industry has stepped up to lend a helping hand; offering humanitarian aid in many forms as the rebuilding process gets underway.

Royal Caribbean Sends Ships to Help With Evacuation and Aid After Hurricane Irma

In the wake of a hurricane, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Especially after the destruction left by Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean, many thousands of individuals are left scrambling to pick up the pieces. This week, Royal Caribbean announced that it would be sending two of its ships to assist with evacuation and aid efforts in the Caribbean. The company is also prepared to assist in Florida, once the extent of the damage is known.

Cruise Passengers in Port Miami Seeking a Way Out

In preparation for Hurricane Irma’s arrival in the U.S., many cruise lines made the decision to stop in PortMiami ahead of schedule to drop off passengers. However, these passengers soon discovered that leaving Florida would be more difficult than they imagined.

Hurricane Irma Threatens Cruise Ship Passenger Safety

When you book a cruise, you never know what kind of weather you will get. If you happen to book your cruise during prime Hurricane season, then there is a risk your plans could get cancelled. This week, many major cruise lines are prioritizing passenger safety and rerouting or cancelling cruises due to Hurricane Irma.

Three Cruise Deserters Apprehended in Arkansas

It is very rare to hear of someone deserting a cruise. After all, these are intended to be ideal places for relaxation and ease. However, that may not always be the case. And for three former cruise crewmembers, the opportunity to start a new life in the U.S. may have been all the motivation they needed to desert their positions aboard cruise ships, while those ships were docked in U.S. ports.

Ritz-Carlton Announces New Luxury Yacht Cruise Line

If you have had the luxury of enjoying the Ritz-Carlton accommodations on land, then you are no stranger to the world-class feeling the company provides. Recently, fans of the brand received a surprise, when the company announced plans to launch a cruise line in 2019!