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Second Canadian Involved in Major Cruise Drug Smuggling Appears in Court

Although most people set out on a cruise vacation to relax, it is not uncommon for drug rings to attempt to smuggle millions of dollars worth of illegal substances across borders, using the cruise as a cover for an otherwise normal vacation. As it turns out, this is not a foolproof plan, as a trio in 2016 discovered when they attempted to smuggle $16 million of cocaine into Sydney, Australia. This week, the second woman involved in the incident appeared in court for her sentencing hearing. She will receive her official sentence next week.

Carnival Horizon Delayed Due to Pollution Concern

This week, the Carnival Horizon experienced building delays when the ship manufacturers identified a potential pollution concern. Paint chipped from the hull and fell into the basin, which then pumped the contaminated water out into the ocean. The manufacturers will need to find a permanent solution before the ship’s construction is completed and approved.

French Cruise Passenger Charged With Smuggling 24 Kg of Cocaine Into New Zealand

Drug traffickers often look to cruise ships when attempting to subvert customs officials. However, the authorities are becoming increasingly skilled at detecting drugs and other illegal substances. This week, a 26-year-old man was arrested and charged with smuggling 24 kg of cocaine into New Zealand. This is one of the largest drug busts of its kind.

Lack of Cruise Line Accountability Potentially More Dangerous than Cruise Ship Illness

Last week, two Royal Caribbean cruises were afflicted with a norovirus that left hundreds of passengers in a compromised state of health. While viruses are a concern, accident and injury at sea are also a problem, especially when so many cruise lines would prefer to shirk responsibility for the role they played in harming their passengers or crewmembers.

2018 Cruise Trends + Advice for Staying Safe

Are you planning a cruise in 2018? Are you a frequent cruiser who is curious as to the trends that could dominate the industry next year? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, then look no further. We have the inside scoop on what to expect, as well as a few tips for keeping yourself safe while at sea.

Utah Man Will Not Face Death Penalty for Killing Wife Aboard Cruise

This summer, Princess Cruises was cast into the spotlight when a Utah man was charged with killing his wife aboard the Emerald Princess, while she ship sailed off the coast of Alaska. In the latest update, the U.S. attorney’s office announced that Kenneth Manzanares will not face the death penalty. His jury trial is scheduled to begin April 23, 2018.

Isabelle Lagace Sentenced to Almost Five Years in Prison for Smuggling Drugs Aboard the Sea Princess

For most, heading out on a cruise vacation is meant to be a memorable and exciting experience! And while that is certainly the case for many, there are some at sea with more sinister motives. Drug smuggling is more common on cruises than anyone would like. But, as a recent court sentence reveals, it is not an action that goes unpunished.

How to Keep Your Children Safe at Sea: Maritime Lawyers Weigh In

The last thing you want is for one of your children to become injured or worse, during your cruise vacation. Although there are some incidents that may be unavoidable, our maritime lawyers recommend a few tips to keep your children safe and out of harm’s way while you are at sea.

Thinking of Retiring At Sea? Think Again

In recent years, retiring at sea has become an increasingly popular option. Although it may sound like an idyllic way to enjoy the rest of your days, it’s important not to get carried away by the fantasy. We’re here to explain what you need to consider, before abandoning life on land for good.

Cruises Respond to Humanitarian Crisis In Puerto Rico

As maritime lawyers, we know first-hand that cruise companies do not always have the best interest of their passengers and crewmembers at heart. However, in the wake of Hurricane Maria, three of the largest cruise companies are stepping up to lend a hand. Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian have all committed to assisting with rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Cruise Lines Pitch In To Rebuild Caribbean After Hurricanes

The destruction caused by Hurricane Irma and Maria has left many communities across the Caribbean and southern United States struggling to rebuild. In the wake of these natural disasters, the cruise industry has stepped up to lend a helping hand; offering humanitarian aid in many forms as the rebuilding process gets underway.