Category: Maritime Matter of the Week

Ritz-Carlton Announces New Luxury Yacht Cruise Line

If you have had the luxury of enjoying the Ritz-Carlton accommodations on land, then you are no stranger to the world-class feeling the company provides. Recently, fans of the brand received a surprise, when the company announced plans to launch a cruise line in 2019!

Offshore Cruise Terminal Debate Continues On Australia’s Gold Coast

For two decades, discussions have ebbed and flowed around the construction of an offshore cruise terminal along Australia’s Gold Coast. In the latest report, it seems councilors are not convinced that the terminal would be worth the investment.

Cuban Cruise Travel on the Horizon

For decades, travel to Cuba for U.S. citizens was forbidden by a travel ban. However, since the ban was lifted in late 2015, travelers have found countless ways to make their dreams of a Cuban vacation a reality. Now, the cruise industry is making Cuba more accessible than ever before.

Emission-Free Cruise Ship Too Good to Be True?

Aside from the overall accident and crime rate, one of the most controversial issues surrounding the cruise industry is pollution. …