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Celebrity Cruises to Introduce Mobile Gambling


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Cruise Ship Mobile GamblingWhen cruise lines direct their focus away from passenger safety, accidents happen. It has been shown throughout history that if a line concentrates its funds toward things like entertainment, food, alcohol without allocating a proportionate share of money toward ship safety, the rate of shipboard injury, disappearance and sexual assault inevitably increases.

This year was one of the worst in terms of safety that the cruise industry has seen, with serious maritime accidents happening more frequently than our cruise lawyers can recall. Beginning with the Carnival Triumph fire, it seems as though a domino effect took over, causing a chain reaction from one cruise accident to the next. Victims have been subjected to horrendous onboard conditions, been stolen from, attacked, and one victim was even abandoned in Turkey after requiring more extensive medical care than the ship’s onboard medical facility could provide.

It’s astonishing to see that despite the high rate of accidents, lines have yet to make a solid change in their policies in order to improve passenger safety. Though many lines, especially Carnival, have claimed that they will be refurbishing their fleets to accommodate the latest technology in fire prevention, video surveillance and even infrared technology to better detect when a passenger goes overboard, it seems as though all we hear about is how lines are investing more funds into cruise ship entertainment options instead of these much needed safety improvements.

A few days ago, our cruise ship lawyers wrote about how cruise lines are investing more money into crew skills training, but not the kind of skills you might imagine. We’re not talking about providing resources to help crew members better prepare for an emergency evacuation or other like minded training programs. No, we’re talking about spending more money on crew members who can sing, dance, tell jokes, perform magic acts, you get the picture. While cruise lines have more than their ample amount of entertainment options, lines are now investing more in having crew members themselves entertain passengers, especially during dinner.

If you find yourself on a Carnival Cruise, expect your waiter to bust a move right after filling up your wine glass. Some waiters are actually pretty talented, especially Carnival Sunshine maître Ken Byrne, who is revered far and wide for his amazing renditions of Frank Sinatra tunes in the ship’s main dining room.

Sure, it’s a lot of fun to see these guys transform from your average server to multi-talented one-man bands, but enough already. There is already plenty of entertainment to be had onboard cruise lines, so how about focusing some of those dollars and energy into coming up with better ways to keep passengers from harm instead?

Mmm, sounds tempting doesn’t it? Maybe there’s a cruise line or two out there that might be considering our proposal this very minute. Maybe there’s a cruise company that’s actually drawing up the blue prints for a more passenger-friendly vessel. Unfortunately, that cruise line is not Celebrity.

Celebrity Cruises could be doing a lot with their revenue right now, like, say, increasing the number of life boats onboard or installing more backup generators. There are a world of things the company could be focusing on, but alas, officials would much rather spend their time working on ways to get passengers to cough up more cash. Mainly, at the casino.

Cruise ship casinos can be a lot of fun, if you are into gambling. There are slot machines, black jack tables, poker, you name it. The casinos are open pretty much 24 hours a day, except for when the vessels are in port. Many call cruise ship casinos some of the best in the world, but Celebrity Cruises thinks it’s time to spruce things up.

Celebrity has teamed up with Cantor Gambling to provide cruise guests with a whole new experience in cruise ship gambling. Hold onto your wallets travelers, because the first mobile casino is coming to a Celebrity ship near you in the very near future.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? But what exactly is mobile gambling? Well, if you have an Apple or Android phone or tablet, this means that you will be able to download an app that will let you play any casino game offered on your Celebrity Cruise ship anywhere you want while onboard. Though it will only be offered on select ships, there are endless possibilities for guests to choose from. Just think about it, you can play a little poker during breakfast, try your luck on the slots while you lay out on the Lido Deck and get a tan, and even get in a round or two of roulette while you have dinner with your family.

Sounds fun right? Well, to our cruise lawyers, it sounds, well, expensive. If you can lose your money at the casino, imagine how easily you can lose it when you have the option of playing a casino game anywhere and anytime during your cruise vacation.

And unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that money you lose will be allocated toward safety improvement projects. It is likely, though, that it will go toward more entertainment options that will allow guests to continue to spend even more money and allow  the lines to get even richer. That is, after all, how the cycle usually tends to work.

The mobile casino will be available in the upcoming months on all of Celebrity’s Solstice-class ships (Solstice, Equinox, Eclipse, Silhouette, and Reflection) and on four of its recently refurbished Millennium-class vessels (Constellation, Infinity, Millennium, and Summit).

If you happen to find yourself onboard one of these vessels and feel like dabbling in some mobile gambling, all you have to do is download the free Cantor Mobile Casino app through your ship’s Wi-Fi network, then head to the casino to create a “virtual wallet” with your preferred amount of funding. Once ready, you can start playing a number of casino games anywhere onboard the ship. There’s just one caveat, the ship has to be in international waters.

One thing seems certain – the new onboard mobile casino app is sure to increase Celebrity’s onboard revenue.  Hopefully, the increase in onboard gambling revenue can be dedicated to additional safety programs aboard.

If you have an Apple or Android, might as well download our free Cruise Ship Lawyer app while you are at it!

Our app lets you keep track of your expenses, take pictures of any evidence you might find, and of course, our built-in Skype feature lets you contact our cruise lawyers directly in case you have any questions and want to know if you have a valid claim. The app is designed to help passengers following an accident or injury, but given the importance – or lack thereof – on cruise ship safety these days, the app may come in handy more than you will ever know.

In the meantime, for passengers who just want the traditional cruise casino experience, don’t worry, Celebrity isn’t getting rid of their onboard casinos just yet.


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