Celebrity Equinox Has a Close Call in Port Everglades

Celebrity Equinox cruise ship moored in AjaccioLately, it seems like cruise ships are the vacation du jour. With more and more vessels carrying passengers farther and wider around the globe, there are an increasing number of reasons to enjoy this one-of-a-kind vacation style. For some, it’s the far-flung ports that pique their interest. For others, it’s the amazing amenities on the ship. But no matter what it is that you’re after, you’re sure to find a cruise that fits the bill.

With so much to anticipate, it can be easy to forget that a cruise ship is not without its own set of potential risk factors. And, both vacationers and crewmembers owe it to themselves to be fully informed before embarking on a cruise.

However, a recent story out of Miami reminds us that it isn’t just those on board the ship who run the risk of potential accident and injury.

Last week, a couple had a close encounter with the Celebrity Equinox, when it came very close to their Port Everglades home. Bill and Yasmine Todhunter were in their home when it appeared to them that the ship was heading straight towards their seawall. While the couple is accustomed to cruise ships passing hundreds of yards away, this one was different.

Video footage shows the ship coming within what appears to be mere feet of the couple’s backyard, using its side thruster engines to attempt to steer clear of the home. The Todhunters believe the ship came aground, saying that you could see silt from the seafloor churning up as the boat navigated away from them and back on course.

Royal Caribbean, Celebrity’s parent company, says that no such situation occurred. The cruise line insists that the ship was under the control of local pilots and did not touch the sea floor. Thus, we’re left in a situation of “he said, she said” without any firm resolution.

After the video of the ship’s near miss aired on CBS4, the news channel provided copies of the videos to the Coast Guard. Currently, it is unknown whether or not the Coast Guard will open an investigation. However, we will keep our ears open as this situation develops.

What Went Wrong?

In the wake of this incident, we are grateful to know that no one on the ship or on land was harmed by this unusual occurrence.  Although still unsettling, the fact that everyone escaped physical harm is something for which we can all be grateful.

That said, the Todhunters have every reason to be concerned about the events that unfolded. While they may have chosen a home that overlooked the water, that does not mean they should fear for their safety. It appears from the video footage that something went wrong aboard the Celebrity Equinox, but, unless an investigation is opened, we will never know.

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