Crewmember Dies Aboard Norwegian Breakaway Cruise

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Norwegian BreakawayWhen you embark on a cruise, you are most likely filled with excitement about the adventure that awaits. There will be so much to see, do and explore. Your days will be filled with sun, relaxation, and some of your favorite people. So we know you are probably eagerly anticipating your departure, and we don’t blame you!

Often, many people assume that going away on a cruise means getting to escape the hectic ways of everyday life. And while that is often the case, it is not always the rule. Unfortunately, disasters at sea can happen when you least expect it. So it’s important to be prepared to face whatever may come your way, positive or otherwise.

A recent event in Bermuda sheds light on the way that normal safety procedures can go awry.

On July 20th, 2016, a crewmember aboard the Norwegian Breakaway died from injuries sustained after an accident involving a lifeboat. Although the exact details of the accident are unclear, this much is certain: during the ship’s weekly safety drill, a lifeboat, which was reportedly hanging from one wire, came loose and plunged into the sea below, taking crewmember, Diogenes Carpio, with it.

Upon seeing a man overboard, one of the crew of a nearby tour boat immediately jumped in to help. The man was taken to shore, thanks to the help of additional crewmembers and one passenger, where paramedics were on site to bring the injured man to the hospital.

According to those who assisted in bringing the injured to land, Mr. Carpio had numerous possible broken bones and was unable to speak very much. He died not long after.

We send our heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased. This tragic incident is a humbling reminder of the fragility of life. And we are deeply sorry for this loss.

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In times of catastrophe, it can be difficult to think clearly about the future. However, injury and death aboard a cruise vessel should not be taken lightly. Anyone who has suffered a catastrophic injury or lost a loved one aboard a cruise should consult with an experienced maritime attorney. Our team of experienced lawyers can help you navigate the legal process.

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