Crewmember Disappears from Vision of the Seas near Galveston, Texas

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On Monday, December 11, investigators announced their search for a crewmember aboard the Vision of the Seas who has been missing since Thursday night. According to reports, the 24-year-old man, originally from Mauritius, was a pool attendant aboard the ship. The last time he was seen on security footage was 6:14pm on Thursday. The next day, he did not arrive for work as scheduled.

When fellow crewmembers realized the disappearance, the Coast Guard was notified and a ship-wide search was conducted. However, the man has not yet been found. In the wake of this event, we send our condolences to the family of the missing crewmember and hope that they may soon receive closure.
Cruise Lines Avoid Responsibility

Although disappearing aboard a cruise is not exceptionally common, it is always troubling to hear of such a situation. After all, one would assume that with security cameras and proper safety protocol in place, it would be difficult to simply vanish. However, this appears to be a reoccurring issue.

Unfortunately, understanding the true scope of cruise disappearances is difficult to do. In most cases, cruise lines do not keep records of disappearances, as they assume a missing person must have disembarked at one of the ports of call. Because it is not in the cruise line’s best interest to place blame on themselves, it is easier to write off the disappearance as a disgruntled passenger leaving early or an unreliable crewmember deciding to terminate their employment.

Simply put, the cruise line does its best to incur absolutely no responsibility for the disappearance of an individual on one of its vessels. In the past, there have been several cases wherein an individual disappeared and, given the lack of evidence, the case eventually became cold. In these situations, the family of the disappeared receives little to no resolution. And as the years go by, it can be increasingly difficult to obtain the assistance of the necessary professionals to attempt to uncover what really took place.

Given the fact that security footage last showed the missing man in this latest case on the deck of the ship, the truth behind this situation is unclear. There is no excuse for the disappearance of an individual, whether a crewmember or a passenger, to take place without causing alarm. As a result, the cruise line should do its part to ensure that all possible search and rescue operations have been conducted.
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