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Crippled Cruise Ship Finally Returns To Land With Over 3,000 Unhappy Passengers


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After five agonizing days at sea, the disabled Carnival cruise ship Triumph finally docked at the Port of Mobile, AL on Thursday morning, just in time for disappointed passengers to gosh about how much they DIDN’T love their cruise vacation on Valentine’s Day.

Stranded at sea without electricity or working toilets, over 3,000 passengers were finally able to have some peace of mind after disembarking in Mobile, which wasn’t even the closest port. However, as bad as some of the stories have been, hearing first-hand about the nightmare passengers experienced is enough to think twice about going on a Carnival Cruise anytime in the near future.

Janie Esparza, one of the first passengers to get back on land, wasn’t shy about telling reporters in Mobile about the hellish conditions onboard the ship.

“It was horrible. Horrible,” Esparza told media reporters. “The bathroom facilities were horrible and we could not flush toilets. No electricity and our rooms were in total darkness. Honestly, [I don’t] think that this ship should have ever sailed out.”

The Carnival Triumph made headlines on Sunday when a fire broke out in its engine room off the coast of Mexico. The fire left the vessel adrift at sea, running only on emergency backup generators. The 101,509-ton vessel was finally dragged to the Port of Mobile by tiny tug boats three days behind schedule.

But the saga doesn’t end there. The Triumph was scheduled to return to its homeport of Galveston, Texas, so now, guests have to spend additional time getting back to the original port they set sail from.

Maritime industry leaders and fans of Carnival Cruise are starting to wonder what exactly happened to the once family-friendly “Fun Ship”. Carnival Corp., which also owns Costa Cruises, has been scrutinized since the tragic capsizing of the Costa Concordia on Jan. 13, 2012, which resulted in the deaths of 32 people.

But as if that wasn’t bad enough, Costa Cruises continued to suffer from a series of mishaps, including a fire onboard the Costa Allegra in February, a crash into a Marseilles pier in France by the Costa Pacifica, and most recently, the death of a crewmember onboard the Costa Serena while working on the maintenance of a fan grid on the vessel.

Carnival Cruise Line itself experienced a cruise ship accident similar to the Triumph’s back in Nov. 2010, when its then new vessel, the Carnival Splendor, also had a fire break out.

“We pride ourselves in providing our guests with a great vacation experience, and clearly we failed in this particular case,” said Carnival President and CEO Gerry Cahill – the understatement of the year.

While Carnival will be issuing a full refund, future cruise credit and $500 in compensation to every passenger on the Triumph, this pales in comparison to the traumatic experience those onboard were forced to endure.

Overflowing toilets, toxic scum strewn across decks, sandwiches made of bread and ketchup – these are just some of the many wonderful Triumph cruise ship highlights experienced by passengers over the week. And with the unsanitary conditions onboard, we have yet to see how many travelers have gotten sick.

Facing all of these hardships, Triumph passengers have a right to seek legal assistance to determine if they are eligible for greater compensation than $500 and future cruise credit, and if so, to file a Carnival Triumph Lawsuit.

“Negligent infliction of emotional distress would be the main justification for a suit,” said Jason R. Margulies, one of our experienced maritime lawyers here at Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A., in a Carnival Triumph interview with CNN. “…There was the stress inflicted by the fire in the engine room, which began the mess, a scary experience for sure. Apart from the uncomfortable situation with bad smells, there is a risk of health problems because of poor sanitation. And passengers have reported minor fights. All of this is justification for going to court.”

Our cruise ship passenger attorneys have represented thousands of victims who have been injured or become sick due to the negligence of a cruise ship operator. Anyone who was on the Triumph has a right to consult with an experienced attorney in order to determine their eligible compensation for this nightmare cruise vacation.

If you or someone you love was onboard the Carnival Triumph or was hurt onboard another cruise vessel, contact our firm today to schedule a consultation and discuss you rights.

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