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Cruise Industry Focuses On Maine For Fall Season, But Will More Travelers Mean More Cruise Accidents?


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As the cruise industry prepares for the busy fall season, travelers are already making their list of potential destinations for a holiday getaway. While many opt for traditional Caribbean cruise ship vacations, others choose to explore the beautiful foliage cooler northern climates have to offer. One particular place that’s expected to attract cruise goers from all over the world this year is Maine. While not many would believe it, approximately 320 cruise ships are expected to call on any of “The Pine Tree State’s” ten ports this year, which means that roughly a quarter of a million people will be heading toward the state to enjoy a relaxing, fun-filled getaway.

As an increasing number of visitors flock to Maine to enjoy their vacation time, the state’s economy is equally benefitted. Tourism during the fall season largely contributes to the state’s funds, and the cruise industry is a key player in that regard. And according to industry experts, it seems as though visitors can’t get enough of the sights and sounds of Maine during the fall, with many of the cruise travelers that visit the state returning to the same port within a two-year time period. According to Business Research and Economic Advisors, Maine’s cruise ship industry had an economic impact of around $45 million last year, which represents a 25 percent increase from 2010’s figures and offers further proof that the area is becoming increasingly popular for cruise goers. Statistics also show that over a dozen cruise ship visits are maiden voyages, or first-time stops for cruise ships for the area. This goes to show that an increasing number of cruise lines are discovering the attraction Maine holds for guests and are making an effort to include Maine in their itineraries.

However, as a greater number of people flock to Maine, the chances of being involved in a cruise ship accident or becoming the victim of a cruise ship crime are exponentially increased. A spike in the number of visitors to Maine means there are a greater number of chances for cruise travelers to become the victims of robbery, assault, sexual harassment or cruise ship rape, or illnesses.

Cruising is an extremely popular method of travel and vacationing, but it can also be a breeding grounds for personal injuries and criminal activity – not to mention the Norovirus. Travelers can take certain precautions to maximize safety onboard, as maritime lawyer Charles R. Lipcon explains in his cruising guide “Unsafe on the High Seas.” Some things cruisers can do to stay safe include wrapping suitcases with duck tape to keep drug smugglers from placing substances in luggage or packing an emergency kit with first-aid equipment. But while there are steps cruise passengers can take to avoid placing themselves at risk for criminal activity or accidents, there are times in which incidents just can’t be avoided.

When accidents do occur, passengers should know they are entitled to seek legal help with a cruise injury lawyer to protect their rights. At our firm, we take pride in helping those who have been injured in a cruise accident or who have been the victims of a crime at sea seek justice for their pain and suffering. With over 165 years of combined experience in admiralty and maritime law, our cruise attorneys work diligently to recover damages for your injuries or losses. Call our cruise ship accident attorneys today to discuss your options and get started on your case.

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