Cruise Passenger Airlifted from Royal Caribbean Ship Due to Internal Bleeding

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On December 26, 2017, a woman from Corpus Christi, Texas was airlifted from Royal Caribbean cruise ship. The woman, 23-year-old Amanda Whitney, was traveling aboard the Vision of the Seas when she began showing signs of internal bleeding. The ship was 100 miles south of Southwest Pass, Louisiana when the Coast Guard was alerted.

Fortunately, the rescue was completed without any problems and Whitney was transported to Jefferson Medical Center in New Orleans. After being discharged hours later, she was taken to Louisiana State University Emergency Room.

Internal bleeding is a great cause for concern due to the fact that it does not generally happen spontaneously. As it turns out, a friend believes it may have been caused by trauma from a recent car accident.

According to reports, Whitney was involved in a car accident on on December 11, 2017, just over a week before embarking on her cruise. However, due to not having health insurance, she chose not to go to the hospital. Thus, the bleeding from her nose and ears could be the result of an unseen injury related to the crash.

At this time, we do not have any further reports on her condition. We send our sincerest wishes to her and her family, with the hopes that she will make a full recovery.

A Smooth Rescue This Time, But Not Always

In the wake of this unusual incident, we are certainly grateful for the teamwork displayed by the cruise line and the Coast Guard, in order to transport this ailing passenger safely to shore. In this specific case, the cruise was required to turn around, so that it could be within the Coast Guard’s flying range. Although this kind of detour is never what a cruise line wants to do–setting the course off schedule and potentially delaying activities for the remaining passengers, in cases such as this, when a passenger is in such dire conditions, it is necessary to take every possible step to protect their wellbeing.

That said, it should not take a serious medical concern for a cruise line to put its passengers’ health as a first priority! The safety and health of paying guests and crewmembers alike should always be held in high regard. However, as maritime lawyers, we know that this is simply not the case. Far too often, individuals discover that their cruise line would rather protect its own bottom line than own up to its mistakes, making it difficult to achieve any legal headway.

Our Team Can Help Victims of Cruise Line Negligence

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