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Cruise Passenger Recounts Nightmarish Evacuation Incident


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The cruise ship accident attorneys at Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A. have witnessed our fair share of strange incidents, both on the high seas and in port. We have helped many thousands of victims – both cruise passengers and crewmembers – obtain justice for the wrongdoings they have been subjected to and have assisted them in securing benefits for their accidents and injuries.

Accidents onboard cruise vessels can result from a wide range of factors, including unfavorable weather conditions, crewmember inexperience, negligence in securing heavy equipment or furniture, or an overall failure to uphold the safety of those onboard, which might lead to crimes such as theft, assault or rape. However, there are times in which certain incidents occur onboard a cruise ship that no one really seems to fully understand or explain – especially passengers.

A cruise passenger recently recounted a strange experience on, which occurred in 2010. The passenger, who identifies themselves on the forum as NJriverchick, explains she took a cruise from NY to Bermuda three years ago during which an odd and unexplained incident took place. Less than an hour after setting sail, the passenger remembers witnessing a tug boat pull up alongside the vessel and a middle-age couple getting onto it from the cruise ship.

“Their luggage was tossed onto the tug and they had to climb down rope ladders,” explained the cruise traveler. “The cruise ship never slowed down so both vessels were moving the whole time. It was quite obvious that the woman was frightened.”

The passenger, obviously confused and distraught by the situation, asked one of the waitresses at dinner if she knew what had taken place or why anyone would be taken off of a vessel in such a manner. The answer given by the waitress was nothing short of appalling.

“She looked down at my 7-year old niece and 9-year old nephew and said ‘Probably because they didn’t eat their vegetables,'” recalled the passenger.

Although the passenger shrugged off the remark, the matter is not to be taken lightly. Cruise companies tend to hide what really goes on behind the scenes and rarely want to take responsibility for any incidents in which someone becomes hurt or ill. While it is not uncommon to see passengers – or crewmembers – be transported from a cruise ship because of a medical emergency, the actual cause of the incident is more often than not kept hidden from the public.

There are many times in which accidents and crimes take place onboard a cruise vessel that the public never even hears about. There are also instances in which so much time has passed between the moment the incident took place and the moment cruise operators took action to correct the situation that those responsible are never caught or brought to justice.

While the couple who was taken off the vessel might have very well experienced an onboard cruise ship emergency that required them to get off the ship, the manner in which they were treated – at least from the standpoint of the passenger – appeared to be impersonal and rough.

Anyone who has taken a cruise vacation and who was not given the proper care following a medical emergency, accident or crime has the right to seek legal help with experienced cruise ship accident attorneys to file a case and protect their rights. Cruise operators are responsible for the safety of all whom are onboard, and when they fail to provide a safe environment or fail to do everything possible – within reason – to assist victims, they may be held liable – at least in part – for any resulting injuries or medical complications experienced by the victims.

If you or someone you love went through a similar experience, turn to our maritime attorneys today to discuss your options in filing a case and see about obtaining damages for your pain and suffering.

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