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Cruise Passengers Robbed on the Amazon River


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Cruise Ship on a River

Taking a cruise can lead you to so many fantastic destinations. Often, using the water allows you to see an area from a much different perspective and at a much different pace. There is something so relaxing about the gentle rock of a ship. Especially when you’re headed for lesser traveled areas, it can be nice to sail along on your way.

Typically, cruises mean much less stress, as everything is taken care of for you. Besides the shore excursions that you choose, the rest of your time can be spent in total relaxation. At least, that’s what most people are planning when they book their cruise vacation.

The majority of cruise passengers are not expecting the worst when they step aboard their cruise, nor should they! There are several hundred cruises happening every day, the greatest majority of which without any problems. However, cruise ship accidents happen more often than we would like. A recent event in Peru reminds us just how unexpected events can be.

Early in the morning of July 14th, 2016, more than two-dozen tourists were robbed on their cruise ship while sailing the Amazon River in Peru. The passengers, from the US, Australia and New Zealand, were traveling on the Amazon Discovery cruise. The robbers reportedly used a smaller boat to reach the cruise ship, climbed aboard, and stole $20,000 worth of goods.

At the time of this post, the robbers are still at large.

Events like these remind us of the importance of cruise ship preparedness for the unexpected. Both passengers and crewmembers must understand the possibility for the most unexpected situations to unfold and be prepared to act accordingly.

We are grateful to know that no one was injured during the robbery. However, now everyone will have to deal with the hassles that ensue when valuables are stolen.

It is our hope that the robbers will be brought to justice. Additionally, the cruise line should consider increasing security measures so that events like this one do not happen again in the future.

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