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Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers May Be Called To Action As Hurricane Sandy Causes Concerns For Cruise Operators


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Emerald Princess Successfully Evades The Storm, But Disney Fantasy Wasn’t As Lucky

Hurricane Sandy has left destruction in its wake as it makes its way up the east coast of the country. Several cruise ships have had to change their itineraries to avoid getting into any maritime accidents, including the Princess Cruise Lines vessel, Emerald Princess.

Emerald Princess officials had to make an emergency stop on Sunday in Saguenay, a city in Quebec, Canada, due to the storm. The stop was not scheduled but cruise line officials believed they had no choice and the safety of the cruise passengers and crew members was the top priority.

Roughly 5,000 people were aboard the cruise ship, which was supposed to sail toward Boston, Massachusetts, Portland, Maine and Newport, Rhode Island, but the stops were canceled as the storm grew worse. In order to make up for the missed ports, the Emerald Princess altered its itinerary to call on various Canadian cities instead. The ship is also expected to make stops in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland as well as New York, Virginia and South Carolina, before ending its voyage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on November 7.

While the Emerald Princess evaded disaster, another cruise ship wasn’t as lucky. The Disney Fantasy had a rough time on the high seas on Friday near Miami, as choppy waves caused by Hurricane Sandy flooded the ship. The 13-story cruise ship’s decks, hallways and cabins were flooded and the force of the waves led furniture, china and gift shop items to fall to the ground. Passengers had anything but a relaxing cruise vacation and with the damage caused by the floods, including broken glass strewn across several floors on the vessel, it’s amazing that serious injuries did not occur throughout the ship. The cruise ship was able to dock safely at Port Canaveral, Florida, although it was several hours behind schedule and guests were offered a 25 percent discount on their next cruise.

So far, no injuries have been accounted for, but there are many times in which cruise ship accidents go unreported. Either the vessel’s authorities do not want to be held responsible for the injuries or victims never bother to get the help they need. Anyone who is involved in a cruise ship accident is encouraged to seek legal help with a maritime lawyer to protect their rights. If you or someone you know was injured on a cruise ship due to Hurricane Sandy’s weather conditions or because of someone’s negligence onboard, cruise ship crime like assault, or any other factor, turn to our cruise accident law firm immediately to file a case.

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