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Cruise Ship Cancels Call In Dominica Due To Strong Winds


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There are times in which accidents and injuries take place onboard cruise ships because of unfavorable weather conditions. Some of these conditions may not be able to be anticipated in time to prevent accidents from taking place, resulting in serious – if not fatal – injuries to both passengers and crewmembers, and for those instances holding the cruise line accountable is more difficult, but usually this is not the case. Common injuries from unfavorable weather conditions more commonly result from the cruise lines failure to adequately warn the passengers and crew of the known conditions and include slip and falls due to wet surfaces following heavy rains, accidents resulting from unsecured furniture or equipment, and even injuries that come about because of choppy waters. Yet, weather reports and a captain’s maritime experience if adhered to can help prevent these accidents from taking place.

When an accident occurs onboard a ship, those who are injured should seek the help of a cruise ship accident attorney in order to file a claim and seek compensation for their damages, and for their pain and suffering, especially when the cruise company is responsible for the incident in the first place. Luckily, one vessel’s crew and passengers avoided this potential scenario by cancelling a call in Dominica. Although that country isn’t excited due to the loss of revenue for its tourism industry the lines duty is to its passenger and crew and not to the tourist economy of its various ports of call.

Due to strong winds, the MV Quest for Adventure cancelled a stop in Roseau on Saturday, possibly preventing what could have been serious injuries onboard. The Quest for Adventure was carrying around 400 passengers and was on its inaugural visit to the island. The call was to be the vessel’s only stop in Roseau for the 2012/2013 cruise season, and though passengers – and Dominica’s tourism officials – may feel dejected about the Quest for Adventure missing its scheduled stop, the decision to prioritize the crew and passengers’ safety was the correct action to take.

According to the CEO of the Dominica Air & Sea Port Authority (DASPA), Benoit Bardouille, who spoke with Dominica News Online, this is the first time a vessel has not been able to dock in Dominica because of winds.

“We’ve never had cross winds being so strong to prevent ships from docking,” said Bardouille, adding that Dominica does not offer tug services, and ships that arrive at the port would have to do so of their own accord. In this case, the wind simply made it impossible for the Quest for Adventure to dock.

Bardouille also admitted Dominica’s tourism industry suffered a blow because of the missed call.

“They are the kinds of passengers Dominica would love to have because they are persons who love nature, persons who go out on tours and persons who would resonate with the kind of product that we have,” he said. “A number of people had already booked tours…it is something that will resonate for a while.”

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