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Cruise Ship Passengers Still Stuck In Boston Port Following Hurricane Sandy


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The destruction left behind by Hurricane Sandy has been nothing short of devastating. Miraculously, there have yet to be any reports of serious cruise ship injuries, although many passengers suffered nausea from the turbulent waters. But while emergency crews work to take care of the flooding and debris in the northern U.S., several cruise passengers whose ships were rerouted due to the storm are still waiting to go back home.

New York was the final destination for many cruise ships, but the Port of New York still remains closed. Many passengers were diverted to Boston are still stranded at the port, waiting to head back home. One of those cruise ships is the Oceania Regatta, which is currently docked at Boston’s Black Falcon cruise terminal. The vessel was originally scheduled to depart from New York then head up to New England, Canada, then Newfoundland.

“Then, we were going to go to Bermuda, so we…picked Boston instead,” joked Regatta passenger Tom Bolam, trying to make the best of the situation.

Tom and his wife Sarah are taking things with a grain of salt. Although they didn’t get the full itinerary they were expecting, they are not as bitter as some might imagine.

“So we get to go to Boston twice and we were in Halifax twice,” Sarah told NECN (New England Cable News), adding that the couple is more upset because they had tickets for plays in New York for the weekend and are going to miss their shows.

But while the Bolams and several other cruise passengers did not get the cruise experience they were expecting, their safety was the main priority of the ship’s captain. Cruise ship operators have a responsibility to maintain the safety of those onboard, and if staying safe from Sandy meant docking in Boston, then that was the best course of action to take.

“Bottom line is that when you travel, there’s things that happen that you don’t plan for. You better go with the flow,” said another cruise passenger.

According to the spokesperson for the Massachusetts Port Authority, some cruise passengers have chosen to remain in Boston until the Regatta can return to New York, while others have decided to find alternative transportation home. There is no word on when the Port of New York will reopen.

Luckily, Regatta passengers only had to endure choppy waters. Other cruise travelers, like those onboard Disney’s Fantasy, were not as lucky. The Fantasy was hit with large waves that turned over furniture and flooded its halls and rooms. While those onboard the vessel reported that there was a lot of broken glass and china, given the severity of the storm, it is fortunate that no serious cruise ship injuries were sustained.

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