Cruise Ship Rape Reporting: How Cruise Lines Attempt to Dodge the Bullet

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Many people choose a cruise vacation due to the effective marketing put forth by cruise operators: sandy beaches, clear skies, and carefree guests seem to epitomize a vacation at sea. Unfortunately, while this portrait of cruising may be true much of the time, the truth is that cruises are far from immune from violent crimes, especially rape and sexual assault. As the most commonly reported crime at sea, cruise ship rape and sexual assault are part of a safety problem that continues to go unaddressed. So if you are planning a cruise vacation, here is what you should know:

Cruise Operators Will Look Out For Themselves

Until very recently, it was almost impossible to get a rough idea of the number of rape and sexual assault incidents that took place at sea. This is because there was no centralized system for reporting or documenting cruise crimes. Although the public now does have access to the crime statistics compiled from a number of major cruise lines, the truth is that even those figures may not accurately represent the situation.

First, the statistics only begin to reflect reported rapes.  There are many crime victims who do not feel comfortable coming forward to report what has taken place. And, in many cases, the cruise line may not be upfront with the true number of incidents that have been reported on their ships; often times reclassifying a sexual assault as something else for reporting purposes. After all, it is never in a cruise line’s best interest to admit to the fact that the environment aboard its ships could pose a threat to innocent passengers on board. So, they will do everything they can to protect their reputation, even if it may mean obscuring the facts.

Your Case Should Be Taken Seriously

To make matters more challenging, many cruise lines often fail to take the appropriate action to address the guest or crewmember who perpetrated the violence. Additionally, if the ship was in international waters or if the perpetrator involved is not a U.S. national, it can make navigating the legal aftermath of the situation more difficult for a victim of sexual assault.

However, just because a cruise line may not be helpful in the aftermath of a cruise ship sexual assault, does not mean that a victim is left with no help or resources. After all, you deserve justice and a satisfying resolution, no matter how involved your case may be. What’s more, the cruise line should be held responsible for any preventable harm that they may have caused. For these reasons and more, Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A. is here to help. We have represented hundreds of cruise assault victims and are among the most experienced cruise ship sexual assault lawyers in the world.

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