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Cruise Ship That Helped Carnival Triumph Returns Home


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After the Carnival Triumph was disabled in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, Feb. 10, one vessel took a detour to come to its rescue, the Carnival Legend. Now, the Legend has finally returned to its homeport in Tampa and the ship’s crew is giving its own take on the maritime accident.

According to passengers onboard the Carnival Legend, news about the Triumph fire broke out in a more unique way for those onboard the Legend. Passengers say they first realized something was wrong when the vessel started heading in a different direction than was planned.

“We stopped heading in the direction of Mexico and started going up, and then the captain came on and said, ‘We have to help some stranded passengers,'” explained David McCormack, a passenger on the Legend.

But while some people might have been aggravated at the idea of losing time on their own itinerary, McCormack explains the passengers onboard the Legend expressed concern for those on the other vessel and diverting their ship to assist the other would help improve the situation for Triumph passengers.

Other passengers onboard the Legend say the cruise ship stayed with the Triumph for roughly five hours, providing food, supplies and lifeboats for those stranded on the vessel, along with some comedic relief.

“They had sheets that said, ‘Send rum,'” said Legend passenger Jodi Foster, adding that the Legend crew even tried to get their onboard comedian to be transferred to the Triumph to offer at least some humor in the otherwise grim situation, but the seas were too rough.

The detour delayed the Legend’s arrival at its next port, Cozumel, but the stay was extended due to the change in itinerary. According to the Legend’s passengers, they were happy just to help out however they could.

“The seas were so bad that there was no way Carnival could have gotten those people off,” added Foster. “We were ready to take them on board. We didn’t know what they were going to do, but we sure would have made room for them.”

Unfortunately, over 3,100 passengers were left adrift at sea until tugboats towed the Triumph to land. The conditions onboard the vessel grew exponentially worse, leading to sewage leaks and unbearable heat across the ship. Some passengers were photographed by others sleeping in hallways to avoid the waste that was overflowing from deck to deck and others decided to set up tents on the Lido deck, where they could at least get some fresh air.

Questions still remain unanswered as to why the vessel was disabled for so many days, but according to the Coast Guard, a leak in a fuel pipe is what led the fire to break out in the first place. Was this something Carnival failed to detect? Did the leak occur after the ship had set sail or beforehand? Why did Carnival go all the way to Alabama instead on just turning around and going to Mexico?

If further investigations reveal any negligence on Carnival’s part in checking the vessel for proper maintenance, the line should be held responsible for the cruise ship fire accident.

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