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Disney Cruises Announces End Of Operations In California, Texas And New York


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As any cruise lawyer at our firm can tell you, it is not uncommon for cruise lines to change their itineraries and berthing locations. As the industry changes, lines have to accommodate to passenger demands and expectations, and must cater to their own economic needs. Some ports are more profitable than others for certain cruise lines, which is something Disney Cruises is discovering. While the line only has four vessels, it has decided to undertake a bold decision and is relocating all of its cruise ships to Florida for the 2014 cruise season.

The Walt Disney Co. has decided to move all four of its Disney line vessels to Florida during the first half of 2014, ending operations in California, Texas and New York. The news came as the company announced its 2014 cruise itineraries, and it was shocking to many to discover that all four of the line’s ships will only be operating out of Florida. According to Disney officials, the decision to withdraw from the Southern California and Galveston, Texas markets followed a weak economy for the line in those areas. Since Florida is the top departure destination for the cruise industry, Disney has decided to stay true to its Sunshine State roots.

According to a report by the Orlando Sentinel, the 2,700-passenger cruise ship, the Disney Wonder, will remain in Miami at least through the first five months of 2014. The vessel spent a considerable amount of time sailing from Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the line’s original vessel, the Disney Magic, will return to Port Canaveral in January 2014. The Disney Magic has sailed out of New York and Galveston, Texas this year and will travel across Europe in 2013. The ships will be joining the Port Canaveral-based Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

But while the news is exciting for cruise goers whose preferred ports are in Florida, relocations are not always without their share of mishaps. A new port can mean chaos for crewmembers and if the ships’ staff members don’t adjust quickly to their new settings, accidents can occur, leading to injuries for both crewmembers and passengers.

In the event that accidents do occur onboard a vessel or in port, victims have a right to consult with a cruise lawyer to protect their rights and determine whether they qualify for compensation. Our attorneys have helped victims of high seas accidents since 1971 and are ready to put their knowledge to use for you if you or a loved one have been hurt due to a liner’s negligence or wrongdoing. To discuss your options and possible damages claims, contact our firm today and schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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