Disney Unveils New Waterslide Feature, But is it Safe?

Lipcon, Marguiles, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A

Disney Cruise Line bans smoking on balconiesThe cruise ship injury lawyers at our firm know that many things can cause injuries to cruise passengers while sailing on the high seas. Sometimes it’s a mechanical problem on a vessel that leads to an accident, while other times the cruise guest slips and falls on a slippery surface. Several factors can contribute to an accident, but several factors can also prevent them. There are many steps cruise companies can take to reduce the chances of passengers getting hurt onboard a vessel, such as better training crew members to handle emergency situations, having lifeguards onboard to prevent cruise passenger drownings, making sure vessels are always in tip-top shape mechanically, and many others.

As time goes by and technology keeps improving, it’s only natural to think that cruise lines will also evolve and improve safety features. We already know that cruise ships are getting bigger, but are they necessarily getting better? Are lines really focusing on passenger safety when it comes to all these entertainment upgrades?

With Celebrity Cruises’ recent Solstice upgrades for several vessels and other cruise lines gearing up to unveil new and exciting features, it’s no surprise that Disney Cruise Line is next in line to roll out with its own entertainment venues. Disney is about to wow children – and their parents alike – with a brand new waterslide. Dubbed the AquaDunk, this highly anticipated feature is a follow-up to the line’s AquaDuck ride, offering a fast-paced water slide experience like none other.

So what exactly can passengers expect from this thrilling water ride? Well, the adventure takes place on the Disney Magic’s top deck. A winding tunnel slide that peeks over the edge of the ship awaits those brave enough to attempt the experience. Guests will plummet down a narrow drop then careen through twists and turns before a final splash brings the excitement to an end.

Guests should also keep their eyes peeled for appearances by the infamous Disney characters themselves, including Donald Duck and his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie.

We expect that the ride will be safe to passengers of all ages. Safe cruising should be important to cruise operators, to minimize and avoid accidents.

Unfortunately, some cruise lines do not employ all necessary safeguards lifeguards, which means guests are on their own when it comes to staying safe. Indeed, even the most seasoned of swimmers can suffer a medical emergency or succumb to an accident that can claim their life. In our opinion, cruise lines should be concentrating on expanding and improving their safety features as opposed to increasing their entertainment venues.

To ride on the AquaDunk, Disney passengers must climb 63 steps to get to the top of the slide. (Who needs the gym when you have a waterslide to work out with?!) There is also a whopping 30-80 minute wait for the ride. Hopefully with the addition of a water slide of such epic proportions, Disney will employ several lifeguards to monitor the area around the slide and make sure no one gets hurt.