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There have been quite a few accidents on the high seas in the past that have required the attention of experienced cruise ship passenger lawyers. Last year was not a good one for Costa Cruises particularly. Between the tragic Concordia running aground and capsizing near the island of Giglio in Italy, and several other mishaps which befell the line , including a fire aboard the Costa Allegra in February, cruise ship safety has come to be questioned numerous times, but not just for the Costa fleet.

Maritime industry leaders, victims of previous cruise accidents and environmentalists are all pushing for the industry to take a step in the right direction and improve its safety protocols. Too many people – both passengers and crewmembers – have gotten injured aboard vessels due to someone else’s negligence and some never obtain the justice they deserve for their pain and suffering.

While it isn’t easy to file a claim with an attorney while still onboard the ship, it is important for victims to report and document any incidents as soon as they take place. Whether the accident involves a slip and fall, illness or crime, cruise authorities need to be notified immediately so action can be initiated. Our maritime law firm has released a convenient application for Smartphones called “Cruise Ship Lawyer,” which can also play a vital role in ensuring victims’ rights are not infringed upon.

The app, available for Android and iPhone users, lets victims of cruise ships accidents take notes and pictures of the incident, tally up medical bills and other costs and even provides Wi-Fi connection so our attorneys can be reached as quickly as possible and get a head start on the case.

Cruise passengers aboard an Egyptian vessel may soon be in need of legal help themselves following yet another maritime accident. According to police officials, an Egyptian cruise ship has run aground on the Nile River near the southern city of Aswan. While all 120 people aboard survived, the incident could have led to extreme injuries and possibly even death.

Officials said the vessel was travelling to the city of Luxor, north of Aswan, when it crashed into some rocks and took on water before running aground on Tuesday. Local residents and police helped rescue the 120 Egyptian passengers and crewmembers. Miraculously, none of the passengers were injured, according to officials, but no one has made mention of any crewmembers sustaining injuries.

The details surrounding cruise ship accidents are not always divulged right away by companies, and sometimes, some incidents are never even revealed to the media. Cruise operators are not always keen on taking liability for accidents, even though they have a responsibility to ensure all whom are onboard are kept safe.

Anytime an accident occurs while at sea or in port, victims have a right to turn to an attorney for assistance in filing a case and protecting their rights. Our cruise ship passenger lawyers are available right now to help you if you or a loved one were hurt while onboard a vessel or while in the care of the vessel’s operators. Call us today to schedule a confidential, no-obligation consultation, so we can discuss your rights and the action we can take against the liable parties.

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