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Elderly Couple Rescued Following Boating Accident In Michigan


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Boating accidents can be caused by several factors. Sometimes boaters don’t have adequate experience and can’t follow proper maritime law. Other times, alcohol and drugs are involved, which impair a boater’s ability to judge distance and speed. For one elderly couple who went boating in Michigan last Thursday, unfavorable weather conditions was the culprit of their accident.

The couple, identified as John and Lee London, was rescued Thursday afternoon from an island on Tamarack Lake after their vessel capsized due to strong winds. The victims had been sailing in gusty winds, leading their boat to tip over. Luckily, both boaters had been wearing life jackets and managed to swim to the small island. A neighbor who had witnessed the accident called 911 and both Lakeview Police and Montcalm County Sheriff deputies responded to the maritime incident.

Authorities went out in a small vessel to rescue the victims and found them on the island. Officers waited for a larger patrol boat to arrive to transport the couple back to shore. Neither sustained serious injuries in the boating accident. Had the couple not been wearing life jackets, perhaps they would have suffered a different fate.

It is imperative that all boaters abide by proper maritime law and safety standards when out at sea or even while boating in a lake. Life jackets can make the difference between a victim drowning in the waters and staying afloat until rescue crews arrive. Even the most skilled of swimmers can be killed if weather conditions are severe enough, so it is wise to always wear a life vest in case of an emergency.

When accidents involving small vessels like motorboats, skiffs and other boats do take place, it is important to take legal action right away. At Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A., we are dedicated to protecting the rights of all boat accident victims and work hard to help our clients obtain the maximum compensation they deserve for their pain and suffering. If you or a loved one involved in any type of personal water vessel accident, turn to our boating accident lawyers to see about getting the maximum recovery possible for your incident. Since 1971, our maritime attorneys will do everything possible so you can receive the full extent of your benefits as well.

Whether your boat accident involved a single water craft or multiple vessels, Lipcon’s maritime lawyers will work diligently to help secure a positive outcome for your case. For more information on the benefits you are eligible and to get started on your case, schedule a consultation with our law firm today. Whether your injuries were minor or severe or if you lost someone you love at sea, Lipcon’s attorneys will help protect your rights. Call us today to get started on your case.

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