Employee Brutally Beats and Rapes Passenger Aboard Nieuw Amsterdam Cruise, Our Cruise Ship Rape Lawyer Asks Cruise Lines to Better Screen Employees

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Cruise ShipWhen embarking on a cruise, there are a variety of issues you will likely consider. Personal safety tends to be one of the most important ones on passengers’ lists, and for good reason. After all, if you’re spending your time and money on a cruise, you’ll want to make sure you get home safe and sound.

As a maritime law firm, we handle a wide variety of crime and injury cases that take place aboard cruises, or during on-shore excursions. While many kinds of accidents can take place on any given cruise, some of the most horrific are cases of cruise ship rape.

A recent story out of Florida reminds us of this.

Brutal Beating And Rape Aboard Nude Cruise

Last week, cruise ship worker Ketut Pujayasa was sentenced to more than 30 years in prison for brutally beating and raping a female American passenger aboard the nude Nieuw Amsterdam cruise.

Pujayasa confessed that he attacked the woman after he believed she insulted him and his mother. He gained entry to her room by using a master key, then proceeded to batter her with various objects in the room, knocking her unconscious in the process.

After the brutal beating and rape, he attempted to throw the woman overboard. However, she managed to cling to the railing and ultimately escape, reportedly thanks to her training as an acrobat and gymnast.

The woman suffered a traumatic brain injury and now suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder while also dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Pujayasa will serve his 30 year and five month term in a Texas federal prison. Afterwards, he will be sent back to his native Indonesia.

Although we encounter many cases of cruise ship rape, this one seems especially horrific. Our thoughts go out to the victim of this crime and her family, as we know she will have a long road to recovery.

Cruise Lines Should Better Screen Employees

In the wake of this accident, however, we cannot help but to question what happened in the mind of Pujayasa to cause such a violent shift? Receiving an insult is never a pleasant experience. However, it never justifies attacking another person, especially in the merciless way that Pujayasa carried out his attack. There may have been an underlying predisposition to violence in order for him to quickly transition from employee to attacker.

Thus, we look to the cruise lines and ask: what kind of screening process is in place for employees? Surely, there must be a more accurate way to ensure that cruise lines are hiring employees who are mentally stable and without any predisposition for violence. After all, if passenger safety is the first priority, this should be one of the most important issues to consider, before bringing an individual on-board.

Cruise employees like Pujayasa have easy access to passengers, cabins, throughout the length of the cruise. So cruise lines should either do a better job screening their potential employees, or refine how much access employees have to passenger cabins when occupied. We urge all cruise lines to act quickly to prevent a case like the one above from happening again.

Let Us Help You

In the mean time, the unfortunate truth is that that injuries and accidents will continue to take place. However, if you’ve suffered an attack or were otherwise harmed while aboard your cruise, you do not have to handle the aftermath on your own. A cruise ship rape lawyer can help you navigate your way through the complex legal issues, so you can get back to living your life.

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