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Family of 5-Year-Old Killed in 4th of July Boating Accident Speaks Out


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Lake TravisBoating accidents can be devastating, leading to serious and even fatal injuries. Though any disaster at sea can be difficult to surpass, the loss of young child as a result of a boat-related accident is especially tragic. Unfortunately, this is a loss that a Texas family now has to endure.

Though not everyone who loses a loved one is able to address the public and media regarding the incident, the Falk family is speaking out about the recent loss of their daughter.

Hailey Falk was only five years old when she was killed in a boating accident during the Fourth of July weekend on Lake Travis. Now, her parents are opening up about the incident to explain the circumstances surrounding Hailey’s tragic death.

The Falk family recently discussed the accident with local KXAN news reporters. According to the young victim’s mother, Kelly Falk, Hailey was suffered fatal injuries after a wave hit the family’s boat, causing a ski pole on board the vessel to come loose and fall, striking Hailey in the back of her head. The little girl sustained traumatic head injuries and was airlifted to a local hospital. Sadly, she would not survive.

In the news interview, Hailey’s family shared memories and remember the five-year-old as a happy child that always had a smile on her face. Several family members explained that Hailey always seemed to light up a room with her personality and was full of life.

Texas Parks & Wildlife authorities are currently investigating the matter and are trying to determine whether a boating malfunction was to blame for the boating accident.

We don’t know whether the vessel came equipped with the ski pole or if the Falks installed the equipment themselves. Given that a ski pole, also known as a ski pylon, should be able to safely withstand the weight of an adult skier, it’s unusual that a wave was able to dislodge the pole on the Falk family’s vessel. If the pole was properly secured, it would take a pretty powerful wave to knock it off the socket.

This leads our boating accident lawyers to wonder whether to pole was, in fact, properly secured or if it had a defect. Several questions then arise as to the safety of the pole. For example, was the proper base plate installed? Was the pole the appropriate size? Was there an actual safety defect with the pole’s design?

If any sort of negligence in the pole’s design is found, the family may be able to file a boating accident claim against the manufacturer and should contact an attorney as soon as possible, who can determine whether or not safety negligence was a factor.

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