Crewmember S.O.S., Cruise Ship Rape & Sexual Assault

Family Of Cruise Ship Crewmember Who Disappeared From Vessel Takes Legal Action Against Disney Cruise Lines


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Accidents on the high seas happen more often than the public knows about and much more often than are even documented by cruise liners. One of the most common forms of accidents are cruise ship disappearances, which usually occur following some act of negligence or assault.

Whenever someone is reported missing from a cruise vessel, operators have a responsibility to initiate a search and rescue and return to the location where the victim was last seen. Officials must also contact the Coast Guard and other local authorities to notify police of the missing person. If these measures are not taken, the liner may be found at least partially responsible for any resulting injuries or the death of the victim.

Surviving victims who have disappeared from cruise vessels, either because they went overboard or because they were assaulted, or their surviving loved ones are entitled to seek legal help to discuss their options in filing a case against the cruise company.

This is precisely what the family of a former cruise ship worker has done following the worker’s disappearance.

It has been almost two years since Rebecca Coriam disappeared from the Disney Wonder cruise liner she worked on as it sailed off the coast of Mexico. She was 24 at the time of the disappearance, and now, after 23 months of waiting around for answers, Coriam’s family has decided to take legal action against Disney.

After waiting around for almost two years for answers that have never been given by the cruise line, the Liverpool-based family has decided to take one last step in an attempt to get to the bottom of what really happened to Rebecca.

“We cannot carry on not knowing any longer,” said Rebecca’s mother, Ann. “She is our daughter we have to know what happened to her. People do not just disappear off a massive cruise liner and absolutely no one knows anything about what happened. We think there was a cover-up – we just have to prove it now.”

Ann and her husband Mike have been fighting to uncover the truth about Rebecca Coriam’s cruise ship disappearance and to obtain information regarding the laws governing cruise ships since she vanished on March 22, 2011, but according to the family, Disney has not offered any help whatsoever.

Ann, who does not understand who someone could vanish from a “family-friendly” cruise liner with almost 3,000 passengers and 950 staff, explained that the entire experience following the tragic disappearance of her daughter has been horrendous.

“The way they have treated us has been a nightmare. We have been left in the dark since this happened,” she said. “When we took Rebecca to the airport to start her job on the cruise liner we thought she was going to be safe or we would never have left her. We cannot help our daughter now but we have to get the truth to stop this happening to anyone else’s child. So many mistakes have been made. We will keep fighting to the end. I am determined that we will find out the truth.”

Cruise lines seldom reveal any information regarding missing persons, and true to form, a spokesperson for Disney said: “It would be inappropriate to comment on something which has not been filed.”

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